Why you should join


Access your client's full data story, from financial information to operational and marketing insights.


Automate reminders and proactive messages to keep your clients on top of their cash flow, key dates, reconciliation, and other financial aspects.

Add Value

Move to true advisory by spending time adding value to your clients, and your own business.


Scale your business whilst providing a fully customised service to your clients.

Too good to be true?

See for yourself!


How it works

Aider's all-in-one Advisory Intelligence Portal is a digital financial assistant, connecting advisors with clients on a day-to-day basis. It is built with leading accountant's insights into what makes the difference, enabling a range of benefits and advantages!


All your client's information in one place.

By connecting your practice's Xero organisation, you are able to easily import and add clients to the portal. Get an overview of crucial organisational information and how many data sources each client has connected to their Aider. You can connect from a growing list of integrated SaaS apps, giving you a 'whole of business' view.

Proactive notifications, prioritising your day-to-day work.

Receive proactive notifications from your clients data, alerting you to any patterns or anomalies detected in their business data. Be the first to know if action is required to be taken, which you could do right then and there, by saving it for later or sharing it with your client.



Be ahead of the game and take action.

The action centre allows you to set one-off or regular client updates and requests. This includes cash flow checks, reconciliation checks, profit and loss analysis, forecasting of direct and overhead costs and cash flows. We will make sure this list keeps growing to ensure your digital assistant keeps improving! 

Ask Aider about your client's business and train Aider to your and your client's questions.

Save time and ask Aider questions you would usually have to find from multiple sources, without leaving the portal. You can prepare for advisory meetings and get more detailed information on insights from your notifications. Further, reduce your cost to serve by training Aider and getting your clients key financial questions answered by Aider.


What Aider does for your clients


Gives them access to information from all of their apps, in one place


Allows them to schedule intelligent, daily updates about their business


Enables them to get ahead with proactive analysis and actionable insights


Helps them to make fast, data led decisions


Puts more time back in their day, so they can focus on all the important things


Helps build their business know-how


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Proud to have these partners

In working with these amazing partners we are able to add value to all our customers by utilising today's - and the future's - technology to deliver premium data insights and streamline the day-to-day work of true advisors.