Advisory Intelligence Portal Product Update


Client invitation status

You will now be able to see when your Client is live in the Aider app through the Client's live status. You will also see when an invitation has expired, and be able to re-send it to the client. Below is an example of a client who is now live in the Aider app.

Client live status in Aider Mobile App

We have now renamed Invite Users to Invite Client Users to ensure that only clients are selected to download the mobile app. Below is an example of the updated Invite Client Users screen.[caption id="attachment_4426" align="alignnone" width="314"]

Aider Advisory Invite clients

Aider Advisory Invite clients[/caption]

GST due dates

For Australian GST registered businesses, you can now ensure correct GST due dates for clients with a tax agent extension when connecting a client business.Below is an example of the business configuration setup.

Aider Advisory Business Configuration and Permissions

New client connection journey

When a connection to a client business is made, you can now add your colleague into the client business as you go. Below is an example of how you can add a colleague and set permissions for the client business.

Set permissions in the Aider Advisory Portal

Additional resources

Make sure to check out the new resources we have compiled for you! Unsure what to ask Aider about today? Check out this video and some conversation starters that you can use to get information about your or your client's Xero data. We also have a full Question Library for the Xero data ready to go! Did you know that Aider calculates things like Tax Estimates and makes Cash Flow Predictions? We have prepared the lowdown on exactly how this is happening - check it out here!Your feedback is important and helps us make Aider the best possible solution. Please let us know what improvements or additions you would like to see at

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