Aider Advisory Intelligence Platform: New Product Updates

Curious what updates we’ve made to Aider? Explore our latest product releases below:

Aider Advisory Intelligence Platform: New Product Updates 

Curious what updates we’ve made to Aider? Explore our latest product releases below:

Here at Aider, we take pride in drawing upon artificial intelligence, and the expertise of our talented team to continually develop and improve our products.

Every month we release new and improved updates and features to our product suite, to ensure the quality and efficiency of our software. 

In this article we share with you some of 2022’s most notable updates to Aider that we have implemented to help you streamline your advisory practice and enhance your client experience. 

Explore these updates below…

Product Updates:

Be a more proactive advisor with Aider’s new 'Data Health Reconciliation' product update

Data health reconciliation update: When your customers’ reconciliation statuses are showing as red on the dashboard, we’ve muted related alerts so you don’t get too many false signals.

What does this mean exactly?

As usual, if your clients have unreconciled items showing in Aider, a red notification will show, raising an alert that this needs to be sorted ASAP. In addition to this, we’ve now released a new feature that mutes dependent alerts until you have helped your client fix their data reconciliation. This means that revenue, net profit, income tax, etc. will be muted on your dashboard until those reconciliations are all green! These insights will still work, but there will be less noise.

Learn more about the benefits of this data health reconciliation update here.

We’ve updated Aider’s ‘insight calculation control’ feature

Insights in Aider now display a "how is this calculated" button. When clicked, it will open the help panel with "data source" and "calculation" expanded. Insights that are affected by client settings will also now show which setting is affecting it.

Introducing Aider’s new ‘adding new clients’ product update

We have recently updated Aider, so that when you are adding new clients to Aider, the dashboard will now immediately display new clients, letting you know that the data is being loaded into Aider.

Engage your clients and scale your practice with the latest version of our Client Dashboard Screen

Our new and improved Client Dashboard Screen will allow you to manage your clients by exception, making it easier to proactively reach out to them when they need your help the most. At a glance, you can now see which clients need your attention by sorting them via financial performance alerts and insights, client name and industry. 

Easily access your clients Income Tax Estimates, GST Forecast and Key Profitability Insights

With this update, we’re enabling you to easily forewarn your clients of their predicted income tax, GST forecast and profitability KPIs. The Advisory Intelligence Platform now gives you access to these important insights, visualised in graphs, to help you spot trends more easily. You can also quickly share this valuable information with your clients from within the Advisory Platform, enabling you to add value and scale your services. 

Proactively support your clients with easy-to-share insights

We’ve updated our email feature so that you can now send multiple insights (including visual graphs) via one email message at a time. With just a few clicks, you can now send your clients their financial performance insights, pre-calculated by Aider from within the Advisory Platform. 

  • Multiple insights can now be compiled and shared directly to your clients inbox. 
  • Email templates make it easy to send insights at scale, while the edit functionality means you have control of the final message. 
  • Insights are presented in an intuitive graph so that you and your clients have an effortless, digestible view of the data.

Take the first step to benchmarking your clients with our new ‘Filter by Industry’ feature 

In Aider, you can now filter your clients by industry, which gives you a simple method to compare similar clients and their metrics, allowing you to add benchmarking to your offering. Better yet, this is only the beginning of client benchmarking, with upcoming features being added that will allow for even smarter analysis – make sure to keep an eye out for future product releases. 

Stay on top of your clients cash flow with our updated cash flow forecast model

We’ve updated our cash flow forecast model so that it’s even more accurate for your clients. Utilising artificial intelligence (AI), our Advisory Platform provides your practice with an ‘early warning system’ – meaning we’re always keeping an eye on your clients cash flow.

  • The cash flow forecast has been upgraded with the use of multiple different time series models and a smart system that selects the most effective model for each client, significantly improving the forecast accuracy. 
  • We’ve also updated our cash flow forecast feature to include invoices and bills within the calculation, meaning that Aider’s predictions of your clients’ future cash flow will now be even more accurate. 
  • Using our new ‘share insights’ feature, you can easily share any upcoming cash flow issues with your client. This enables you to proactively warn your clients; allowing you the time to focus on providing solutions. 

Uncover client cash flow trends with our ‘Actual Cash Flow’ feature 

We've added a new ‘actual cash flow’ insight to Aider, so you can now dive deeper into your clients monthly cash flow pattern, and compare it with previous months. It’s all part of our mission to give you powerful information about your clients at your fingertips, making it easier for your practice to provide proactive support and advice. 

Work faster with our improved platform speed 

We’ve undertaken work to improve the speed and performance of our Advisory Intelligence Platform, so that you can service all of your customers at scale and at pace. Our most recent update results in faster loading of the Client Dashboard Screen, so that you can view and analyse all of your clients data in one place, more effortlessly.

Scale your advisory practice and enhance your client experience with Aider

At Aider, we believe in the power of artificial intelligence as a central tool for your business. 

We created our Advisory Intelligence Platform so that you – accountants and bookkeepers – can have access to accurate forecasts and actionable insights at the click of a button.

Our Advisory Platform has transformed for the better since its launch, and we will continue to update and improve on the platform, so that you can feel empowered with a smart and centralised software in your practice. 

Every month we release new features and updates to existing features for your convenience, and we want to help you keep up to date on these. We have a monthly product update newsletter where we share these updates, if you wish to subscribe below. 

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