Customer Story: Mike Tan of Meebz Coffee

Aider counts more than beans for Mike at Meebz “Alexa, open Aider! Alexa? Alexa?” Mike Tan calls to his Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker. A customer laughs and pipes up: “Maybe she hasn’t had her morning coffee yet!” We’re sitting in Meebz, a coffee roasting shop in Milford on Auckland’s North Shore. It’s become a mecca for caffeine aficionados to … Read More

Customer Story: Hannah Wood of Little Lato Gelato

Gelato entrepreneur rolls out Aider, with expectations of more beach time! For Hannah growing up on the Whangaparaoa Peninsula just north of Auckland was all about a beach life – and ice cream! “I just love ice cream,” Hannah laughs. “But I didn’t think I would end up starting Little Lato and making Italian-style ice cream.” Little did she know that … Read More

Customer Story: Jeff Kim of &Sushi

Jeff Kim could have easily been lured into the big American hotel management system. But spending his teenage years in Christchurch fired his independence and desire to one day be a business owner. Fast forward to 2019 and he is the founder of “&Sushi”. He currently has three stores in Newmarket, at Cityworks in Auckland’s CBD and at Goodside at … Read More

Customer Stories: Benny Castles, WORLD

Castles building business with Aider Benny Castles’ first love is his WORLD of retail. He has flirted with technology, but the relationship has always remained platonic. But now, he confesses, he has been seduced by Aider. The artificial intelligence driven app has him picking up his phone in a new and satisfying way. Benny is a founder and the creative … Read More

Customer Story: Melissa and Sank Macfarlane, The Store

“The challenge in running a small business is that you can have all these amazing apps and cloud services to help, but in fact the more you have the harder it can be to navigate it all. I’ve realised that I needed to find an easier way to connect all my business information into one place, without having to open … Read More

Customer Story: Kelly Bain, Director/General Manager Bird on a Wire

Kelly Bain is the first to admit that she is not overly technically savvy – but with Aider she’s getting progressively hooked. There are two reasons for that – Aider gives her instant answers, on her mobile phone, on what’s happening in her business; and Aider saves time – a precious commodity for anyone juggling a career and a family. … Read More