Cloud Software for the Modern Accountant and Bookkeeper


The world of financial services is rapidly changing. Gone are the days where small business clients give you a box of paper receipts come tax time and ask you to perform miracles. These days, clients expect more from their bookkeepers and accountants because they have more access to technology that helps them run their business and the numbers that tech produces. The modern accountant must be able to perform a wide range of non-tax-related tasks if they hope to compete in today's (and tomorrow's) demanding marketplace.

It's obvious that accountants and bookkeepers are already time-poor. It can feel impossible to add new service offerings to retain your clients (and hopefully attract new ones) when you're chasing after unreconciled transactions and other incomplete data. Obtaining timely and accurate data is one of the greatest challenges advisors face and can eat away at your valuable time. Luckily, along with rapid changes to the small business technology space, there is advisory software to help you modernize your practice. These cloud software tools are accessible 24/7 from any device, making it easier to stay on top of everything. The Advisory Portal, a client engagement platform from Aider, gives you the extra support you need to meet your clients' growing demands and scale your practice.

Just like the technology a lot of your clients use to run their business, Aider relies on smart AI to solve your greatest challenges. Getting accurate data when you need it is critical to offering a greater range of services. Aider's Advisory Portal seamlessly integrates with Xero, so you're already one step ahead by being a Xero accountant. Performing manual checks in Xero can swallow your days. Aider uses automation to run those checks for you and alerts you to the holes and discrepancies in your clients' data. Then, you can follow up with the right clients fast and get the info you need.

One of the most in-demand requests from clients of their advisors today is budgeting and cash flow forecasting. The modern accountant needs to be able to point to patterns in the way a small business owner works to help them make smarter decisions about what to do next. Cloud-based software takes Xero and client business app data together to look at what's been going on so you can proactively advise about what's coming next. Having the ability to look at your clients' entire data story in one place allows you to make informed recommendations that not only help your clients' businesses but improve the quality of your client relationships.

The modern accountant is a wired accountant. Smarter software, like Aider's Advisory Portal, give you back time in your day to focus on providing quality advice and scaling your business. The software infrastructure is designed to take care of admin so you can better manage your time. You won't lose your mind falling down a rabbit hole of old emails and files looking for what you need—it's all securely together in the cloud and accessible at the click of a button. You can also use tech to program reminders for your clients about GST due dates and income tax estimates.

The modern accountant has more satisfying workdays because they can better manage their time, access accurate data, and scale their practice. Cloud software like Aider's Advisory Portal gives the advisor of tomorrow the tools they need today.

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Amri Theron

Head of Partnerships & Marketing

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