Customer Story:  Indiyah Beckmannflay of Rautaki Collective

We caught up with Indiyah Beckmannflay, also known as Indy, from Rautaki Collective.

We caught up with Indiyah Beckmannflay, also known as Indy, from Rautaki Collective to learn all about her business journey and how she plans to use Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Portal to run a smarter practice.

Where it all began

After returning from a trip to Hawaii in 2019, Indy made the decision to turn her business dreams into reality and leave the world of corporate finances behind. She started her own virtual bookkeeping business, Rautaki Collective. This evolved to include accounting services focused on serving Māori & Pasifika small businesses and startups. Her mission is to ensure Māori and Pasifika business owners are able to access financial and business support. A self-proclaimed ‘Digital Champion’, Indy is an advocate of moving away from traditional accounting practices and embracing automation. Last year’s COVID-19 lockdowns were an incredibly busy time for Rautaki Collective, as many people ventured out and started their own small businesses, and consequently needed financial support. As Rautaki Collective is a fully virtual practice, they were in a great position to support their new clients without needing to meet in person. “People started to realize and rethink their own positions in business. I think there was a very big collective shift and mindset change around how people were already operating in terms of their own businesses, or leaving their corporate roles.”Rautaki Collective grew from being just Indy to a team of seven with over 40 small business clients

A perfect synergy

Indy first heard about Aider at a digital networking event during the early days of her business.  After striking up a conversation with another attendee, Indy was excited to learn about a new AI product that allows you to ask questions about your business and gain fresh insight. At that stage, Aider was predominantly used in the hospitality sector but Indy’s love for new technology and Kiwi businesses inspired her to download the app and check it out for herself. She then introduced Aider to one of her hospitality clients to see how it could improve the profit margins at his café. Right from the start, it was clear that Aider had the potential to help her team and clients. Indy was independently investigating tech that could help her business thrive. So she was very happy to find that Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Portal addressed her specific needs and many of the features she wanted from a tech solution.  “There wasn't really anything else I'd seen that had done that before, so I was really excited. ”Indy knew that Aider's Advisory Intelligence Portal was a perfect fit for Rautaki Collective.

How Aider changes things for Rautaki Collective

One of the challenges Indy faces as an advisor is the lack of her small business clients’ financial literacy. She believes it’s the “the biggest disadvantage to small businesses moving forward.” Indy knows Aider is going to change the way she runs her business and manages her relationships with clients. The future of Rautaki involves meeting with clients before the end of the financial year and establishing key financial or non-financial goals, along with a handful of relevant metrics. Indy will easily track the metrics they decide upon in Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Portal and clients will receive weekly notifications to their Aider app about how they’re performing. With Aider, Rautaki small business clients receive personalized updates with proactive information that helps them plan for the future and avoid disaster. This enables Indy to focus on business strategy and growth for her clients instead of using up all her time on crisis management. This is great for her clients, and means Indy can live her business values of achieving success for Tangata Whenua.“If we could get our clients on that level of vision where they are aware, on a real-time basis, of what their position is, then that's the engagement piece for us.

With Aider  we can better communicate to our clients how they're achieving the targets they've received with us. ”Indy also sees Aider as an opportunity to strengthen relationships with her clients and increase the quality of their communications. Aider supplies clients directly with the data they need so the valuable time she spends with her clients can be more strategy-focused. When small business owners know exactly what their goals are and they understand their financial data, they feel an increased sense of confidence and can ask more relevant questions. “It's going to streamline our communication processes, which will increase our productivity and our efficiencies around how we communicate with clients.

Indy is still in the early stages of her journey with Aider, and we’re excited to see where we can go, together. To find out more about Indy and Rautaki Collective’s services, visit their website here.