How tech can help create customer connections in a COVID-19 world

Technology can give you real insight into the things that matter to your audience.

We can all probably agree that the 2020 catch phrase was social distancing. While it limited our in person activity, it proved just how great technology can be at keeping us connected. All of the world, we saw that businesses with strong digital systems and processes were the ones that continued to operate despite major disruptions to business-as-usual. Any business moving forward in a COVID-19 world requires a greater focus on establishing and strengthening relationships.

In a climate where customer experience can be the key differentiator, it’s never been more important to understand how technology can support you in delivering great service, enhancing customer relationships and loyalty, and creating genuine connections with your business community - whether that’s in person or online.

It might sound counterintuitive to leverage technology for better human connection, but smart automation makes it easier for you to keep in touch with customers and manage key business processes with greater efficiency.  Automation helps free up your employees time so instead of performing time-consuming manual tasks, they can focus on high-value work like fine-tuned customer support. This means greater productivity for your employees and reduced administrative management for you. The result is an improved and more personalized experience for your customers. Also, your staff are never going to complain about having to do less tedious repetitive tasks.

Technology can also give you real insight into the things that matter to your target audience. By leveraging the power of data, you’re in the advantageous position. Your customer data helps you  tailor  products or services to resonate with your customers. If you know what your customers are doing, then you can help them get more of what they want. Examples of customer data are items like your highest selling product, when your customers most visit your website, when in the week you have a spike in sales, among other things that are probably specific to your business.

Learning more about your customers helps. Performing customer research and having meaningful conversations with customers is imperative. Mere social insight is one thing, but having transparency around buying behaviours, customer needs and motivations are what can really help you  stay in tune with what will really serve your customers. The good news is that the platforms that you use to run your business like your point-of-sales app, your website, your accounting and payment apps, among other things, are always gathering data about your customers. Going into each app every day to get your customer data isn’t realistic, though.

It takes time away from the very thing you’re trying to accomplish. Luckily, technology is on your side. A business digital assistant like Aider can gather all the information about your customers in one place so you can ask a simple question just like you would in a chat to a colleague. Ask by simply texting or talking through a voice assistant (Alexa, etc) “what was my top selling product this week?” or “how many customers visited my website?” and Aider pulls the answers from your business apps quickly, without taking your time away from your business priorities. Want to find out more about how Aider can connect to your whole business? And how you can connect more with your customers so you can thrive in 2021?

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Amri Theron

Head of Partnerships & Marketing

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