Meet Natalie Standring from First Class Accounts, Auckland South

Discover how Natalie uses Aider with Xero.

Natalie lives by her values. For her, a combination of trust, honesty, transparency, and being fully committed is what drives her. She brings these values to her clients at First Class Accounts. They know they can turn to her for clear explanations about finance and accounting processes and talk to her about what they need. While she was still completing her accounting degree, Natalie began her career at the IRD. After making her way through the ranks at the IRD, she says she wanted to get a taste of the "outside world" and joined a large accounting practice. She then moved into the corporate environment and worked as a management accountant.  

As she grew more knowledgeable, Natalie wanted to work somewhere she could provide a more comprehensive range of services. She joined a nationwide group of accounting professionals equally passionate about serving their clients. Natalie combines her love of numbers and her staller client relationship skills to provide her roster with full-service advisory at First Class Accounts. Natalie has been with the group for two years.

"I love talking to and helping small businesses with GST returns, Tax returns and full financial statements, cash flow analysis, budgets, and IRD matters. With COVID, most of the time, I am also lending an ear to support them in their business.

"Word of mouth

Natalie first heard about Aider through our Customer Development Manager, Charlotte. She requested a demo and immediately was drawn to what Aider has to offer. "I truly have a passion for serving my clients so they can run their businesses and don't feel disconnected," she says. Instead of just sending an invite e-mail, Natalie likes to talk to her clients directly about Aider and what the Client App can do for their businesses. She keeps the Client App on her phone to keep apprised of updates and informs her clients about all the new things they can accomplish. Organization is vital to Natalie, and she loves that Aider's Advisory Intelligence Platform means she can have everything in one place. She anticipates that the changes to the home screen will save her valuable time each day because she'll know which clients need her immediate attention. Natalie loves Aider's one-screen overview, with its alerts and a complete view of her practice. This lets her focus on what needs to get done now instead of spending unnecessary time looking up each client individually. Aider will also change how she communicates with clients. With access to graphs, pictures, and other metrics, she can present valuable guidance and data in ways that best meet each clients' unique needs.

Aider and Xero

Natalie's tech stack is made up of the IRD website, Xero, and now, Aider. She's a longtime fan of Xero but has found that getting some of her clients connected to it has been a challenge. Ever invested in their success, she has been known to set up Xero accounts for her less computer-savvy clients. With more of her clients connected to Xero, she can keep a closer eye on their businesses from her Advisory Intelligence Platform. Xero and Aider work together perfectly for Natalie. Aider also provides her with the opportunity to streamline her small business clients' Xero data and relay it to her clients in a language that is easy for them to understand. Automations in Xero and Aider help Natalie offer her clients the best service. "I love that I can help small business owners run their businesses better.

With me, they feel like they have someone who has their backs. I love that I can be flexible, step away from my screen, and still work from home while supporting business owners with advice and accurate information to run a successful business. It's the best of both worlds."