Our Aider family is growing!

Part of growing Aider is welcoming fresh talent into our Aider family

Aider is always growing. One of our values is to always be better. Part of growing is welcoming fresh talent into our Aider family. Allow me to introduce you to some of the newest members of our team. Here’s Jeremy, our Data Scientist/Engineer, Stuart, our Senior Mobile Developer, and Louise, our Senior Customer Success Manager.

What’s your career background?

Jeremy: Before coming to Aider, I mostly worked in the banking industry as a credit officer and data analyst.Stuart: I spent the last 7 years developing apps for all sorts of companies, including some of NZ's biggest names, like Countdown and Trade Me.Louise: In my previous life back in the UK, I worked in telecommunications for a number of different companies--the biggest one being Blackberry. My roles always focus around customer success and delivering a high level of service. Since moving to Australia 9 years ago, I found myself working in the accounting space, and in some instances, with some of the most highly respected and successful business coaches and mentors focused on helping accountants and financial planners.

Why is Aider a game changer for small businesses and advisors?

Jeremy: As an ex-banking officer who worked very closely with the accountants and bookkeepers, I know they are the busiest people on earth. Anything that releases them from two to three hours of tedious and repetitive stuff every day with just one simple click would be super valuable. And, Aider can do that!Next, Aider brings a cutting edge machine learning product, which is often built for big corporations, into the hands of small business owners. It's definitely a game changer, as everyone can access a smart assistant that helps them manage and monitor the financial health of their business in a friendly way anyone can understand (no accounting jargon).Stuart: Aider levels the playing field when it comes to businesses' access to data and information. It lets small businesses make informed decisions and be in control of their data. It demystifies a lot of the things small businesses struggle with.Louise: Now more than ever, in the aftermath of Covid, real time conversations and communication about business performance are vital for keeping businesses heading in the right direction.Aider bridges the gap between the business and their advisor, making each more accessible to the other. It seamlessly enables straight to the point conversations around the businesses data and performance.

What is your favourite thing about working at Aider?

Jeremy: The people and culture. Everyone is super friendly and I've learned a lot since joining Aider.Stuart: I don't need to travel into the CBD--that's a big win. The offices are fantastic and the Friday beers are just as good.Louise: TEAM AIDER! Working with a team that is full of intelligent and passionate individuals who work tirelessly to achieve the vision we have in place at Aider. It's a collaborative workplace that has a great culture. We constantly challenge, develop, build and fix our products and systems so we can deliver the best outcomes for our clients, who are at the centre of what we do. We also have many laughs along the way!

Who or what inspires you?

Jeremy: Several years ago, I found a random video somewhere on the internet of Andrew Ng, who is a giant in the machine learning field, talking about his opinion "AI is the new electricity" in modern society. I was so inspired by his speech that I decided to be a data scientist. Stuart: Space exploration. Over the past 50-60 years, our species has travelled to our moon, sent probes to other planets and the edge of our solar system. It takes a lot of smart people working together to be able to make big things happen. I think that's both inspiring and relatable.Louise: I love a wide range of art and music, which I often use to lift my mood or gain inspiration. I am also lucky enough to be surrounded by some incredible friends and family that are diverse in experience and backgrounds from whom I can draw inspiration. I find ‘every day’ people have the most inspirational stories about their lives and how they have overcome challenges.

What’s something you’re proud of?

Jeremy: Having the ability to raise and train kittens (like, really well!)Stuart: Seeing people using apps I've worked on in the wild. It's a really cool feeling.Louise: I'm proud of moving countries and setting up a new life in Australia. It was a challenge to start without friends and family but over time we worked together to built a new life and were able to create our own Aussie Family.

What are your hobbies?

Jeremy: Exploring Astrophysics in my spare time. It is fun to know things about stars and the universe.Stuart: Playing games with my flatmates, djing and reading.Louise: As a family, we are a little bit obsessed with all things camping. A few years ago, we set ourselves a target of 12 camping trips per year and we managed to exceed it most years, apart from 2020. We are a little behind this year but we can catch up.