Phil Dominick on Aider's new Advisory Intelligence Portal


From working at one of the big four to running his own consultancy, Phil Dominick is a chartered accountant who likes a challenge. Phil knows first hand about the pain points that advisors face when it comes to client communication, client engagement, and financial accountability.

Phil believes that tech is the bridge between a successful advisory business and its clients. Phil loves our mission of combining human-focused advisory with artificial intelligence and machine learning to power up practices and their clients. This perspective, hands-on experience and industry knowledge make him the ideal person to take on the role of Product Manager at Aider for our new Advisory Intelligence portal.

Following six months of development, we’ve released Aider’s new Advisory Intelligence Portal - a powerful tool to add to any advisor’s tech stack. The Portal and the Aider mobile app provide insights across small business financial and non-financial performance based on real-time data.

“Aider’s Intelligence Portal and the Aider Mobile app aim to bridge the gap of communication with your clients about financial information”, says Phil.

“Automating regular touchpoints and giving your client instant access to key financial info helps drive engagement”, he explains. “Then they can better understand their financial performance and what actions they should take.

“As accountants, you know everything there is to know about tax, cash flow, profitability and growth. You live and breathe this information. The challenge is getting this information into the hands of your clients so that they’re looking at their business through that same financial lens.”

Phil makes sure that one of the key goals of the Advisory Intelligence Portal is to help advisors engage, track and support their clients. Translating complex financial information into natural language makes it easier for clients to discuss and engage with all the information about their businesses. The portal enables this through two-way messaging and through tasks set up by an advisor for their client to complete.

From Phil’s perspective, this is just the beginning of what’s possible for supporting small business owners and their advisors. He’s excited about the opportunity to grow the Aider ecosystem and connect more business apps for easy access. From his experience as an accountant and advisor, he knows that a platform like this is the future of advisory and encourages his industry peers to join the journey.

“I am passionate about accounting and helping small business clients, and being part of the Aider team gives me the opportunity to do just that.”

If you are an accountant or bookkeeper and want to know how Aider Advisory can help you strengthen your client relationships, then get in touch with our friendly customer success team at