Product Update August 2021

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Advisory Intelligence Portal Updates

Action Centre

The action centre presents advisors with real-time comparable information of their clients’ data, cash flow and tax information. The action centre proactively alerts you on the state of your clients financial data to drive action and improvement.You will be able to send custom messages via easy templates to address the overall health of their business, compliance obligations, financial visibility and performance. You, the advisor, will be able to send these actions directly to your clients:

  • Send reconciliation request
  • Invoice check and bills check
  • Cash flow check

For each of these actions, you as the advisor will be able to:

  • Understand why this is helpful for you as an advisor.
  • What the pain points are we are trying to solve with Aider’s Action Centre.
  • See the overall health of your clients’ business data in real-time.
  • Get alerts via the in-app indicator when the state of your client’s data or performance reaches a threshold (will be user configurable in the future).
  • Review and send simple editable messages to your clients referencing their data.
Action centre

New Action Centre features

Send Invoice CheckThe send invoice check looks at your customers current month and last complete month invoicing in comparison to their average invoicing value. It calculates the average invoices and value by analysing the historical invoices and applies the growth rate for the business to provide the expected level of invoicing for the monthly period.

Send invoice check

Aider Digital Assistant Product updates

New Mobile Home Screen is here!

With our ongoing improvements we are excited to show the first version of our new mobile app home screen to customers. With Aider we enable better decision making on the go and focus on what actions to take. It’s easier for small business owners to stay in control of their businesses with the new updated UI and navigation to communicate with their accountant and bookkeeper directly from the mobile app.

  Your feedback is important and helps us make Aider the best possible solution. Please let us know what improvements or additions you would like to see at