Product Update June 2021


Advisory Intelligence Portal updates

1. Reconnect Xero

Aider now has the ability to help you stay on top of your client’s reconciliations. In order to access additional data from Xero and to send a reconciliation request , you’ll need to reconnect your Xero account. It’s a short and easy process:

  1. Under ‘My Clients’, click ‘Edit’ on your chosen client
  2. Click ‘Disconnect Xero’
  3. At the bottom of the client’s details there will be an option to ‘Reconnect Xero’ - select YES. This will take you to Xero.
  4. Reselect the company you disconnected and click ‘Reconnect’

Once your client has been reconnected, please set bank accounts for Action Centre items to appear.

2. Home screen

The Aider Advisory Intelligence Portal has a fresh new look and feel. This is the first screen an advisor lands on when signing into the portal.

Home Screen

3. Client list

We're introducing a new design for your client list that gives you a better sense of what's going on at a glance. Please see the screen grab to get a sense of the new structure. We are still tweaking the exact look, but we wanted to share this exciting change with you right away.We've made it easier to find your clients and their information by adding a search bar above the client list. The main client list on the left side of your screen will display a max of 20 clients at a time when you search.Initially, the search bar will list all clients in alphabetical order. It allows you to search by typing all or part of a business name. Any business selected from the search dropdown will display at the top of your main client list.

Sorting clients

We wanted to make it easier for you to find the clients that need your attention today. You can now sort clients by Insights, Inbox or Alerts.When selecting one of these sort options, all your clients will be displayed.

Alerts badge

This refers to the number in the client list under ‘alerts’. The alert number in the notification area will match the number of alerts in the action centre. NOTE: Only the new actions, like reconciliation request and bank account selection, will count under alert notifications.

4. Notifications

We've renamed 'Notifications' to 'Insights' because we want to give you an insightful look into your clients' data.

5. Action center

We upgraded the ‘Send Reconciliation Request’ Action.Now, this action will contain data, as well as an alert level colour that indicates the condition of the action. If it's red, you want to attend to it sooner rather than later.

The color coding currently only applies to ‘Reconciliation requests’. All other actions will remain the same, but will have a new look:

Bank account selection will appear in the action centre after connecting a client and after the ETL has run.

6. Schedule a message

We've temporarily removed the option to schedule a message in advance, but it will be back soon better than ever.If you have current scheduled messages running, they will continue to run as normal.

Aider Mobile App product updates

1. Advisor chat functionality

This change will mean that on the Home screen the first app will be selected, and conversation starters will be shown.Advisor chat under the Advisor tab is now available for sending a message directly to your advisor from the Aider mobile app.Previously, when sending an action to a client from the Advisory Portal, the message would appear in the ‘Home’ tab in the mobile app. With this release, the action message will now go to the ‘Advisor’ tab to be part of the advisor chat.

2. Conversation starters

When you click on the Home Screen tab, tap on the orange arrow and the first app will be selected with conversation starters, ask away.

Your feedback is important and helps us make Aider the best possible solution. Please let us know what improvements or additions you would like to see at