Product Update May 2021


Unread message indication

Aider’s messaging function now shows whether or not clients have read your messages. This gives you transparency over whether your messages have been acknowledged. Gone are the days of emails sitting unopened for weeks on end!

Unread Messages

Business information

You can update a client’s business information by clicking the ‘edit’ button on the business in the ‘My Clients’ panel. This displays their tax number, industry, sales tax data and their address.

Business Information

Changes to practice menu

In the top right hand drop down menu, you can make changes to various parts of your portal.Account settings - These are basic settings for your Aider account, such as your display name, email address and phone number.Manage practice - This is where you have the option to invite advisors to the portal, as well as give them permission to certain practices. You can also view Aider’s current pricing structure hereManage branding - Here you can add and remove your branding. When messaging your clients, your brand will show up on their messaging function, which provides a more personalised feel.Advisor Library - This takes you to the Aider website, which gives you further information on the portal.


Send message to recipient

Aider’s built-in messaging function allows you to directly message your clients. You can select which client in the business you would like to message, and this will pop-up as a real time notification in their mobile app. Simply click ‘select a recipient’ and choose from your invited clients. Other advisors with permission can see all of these messages, but clients in the business can only see messages sent to them personally.

Send message to recipient

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