Product Update October 2019

October 2019 Aider mobile product update and developments

New Questions You Can Ask Aider

Point of Sale

If you have Aider connected to your Point of Sale app (e.g. Vend, Kounta, Square, Shopify etc) you will now be able to ask the following questions:

- "What was my busiest day of the week in April?"
Example answer: “Your busiest days for April 2019 were Sundays, with an average of 193 sales. Your busiest hour on those Sundays was 10 am to 11 am, with an average of 35 sales.”

- "What were my top-selling categories?"
Example answer: “Your top selling categories for April 2019 were: Coffee with 13,736 sales for $96,519. Salad with 613 sales for $4,518. Caramel Slice with 387 sales for $1,745

- "Compare my Monday and Tuesday transactions"
Example answer: “There were 78 fewer transactions yesterday compare to last Monday resulting in $3,231 less and total revenue.”

- "How many transactions did I have today vs yesterday?"
Example answer: “There were 55 more transactions yesterday compare to today resulting in $1,338 more in total revenue.”


If you have Aider connected to your Accounting app (e.g. Xero or Quickbooks Online) you will now be able to ask the following questions:

- "What is the difference in revenue Friday vs Wednesday?"
Example answer: “There are 23 fewer transactions today compared to last Friday resulting in $776 less in total revenue”

- "How is my business doing compared to last year?"
Example answer: "You had $2,935 in income last month. During the same month last year, you had $435 of income. That gives last month 85% more income compared to the same month last year."

All of the following questions are trained for Xero and we are currently training Aider to answer these questions for QuickBooks Online, we’ll let you know when they are ready.

- Largest creditor: "Who do I owe the most money to?"
Example answer: "Your largest creditor with payments due this month is currently Marine Systems. You owe them $250."

- Largest debtor: "Who owes us the most money?"
Example answer: "Your largest debtor with payments due this month is currently Marine Systems. They owe you $35"

- Bill by number: "Tell me about bill number BIL-0024"
Example answer: "Bill 'INV-0048' is to be paid to Marine Systems by Tue, 29th Oct. It is for a total of $420 of which $55 is tax. $420 is still to be paid."

- Invoice by number: "Tell me about invoice number INV-0053"
Example answer: "Invoice 'INV-0038' is to be paid by Bayside Club and is due on Mon, 21st Oct. It is for a total of $234 of which $30.52 is tax. $34 is still to be paid."

**Note that the Aider Cafe demo accounts don't currently have the data to be able to answer the last four intents.

Remember - for any question you ask Aider, the data must be available and up-to-date in your apps.

Query specific POS data

Sometimes when you ask Aider a question, it will default and pull data from the source it deems most relevant. For example, you may have two Point of Sale connections, such as Kounta and Shopify, or you may track sales in your Point of Sale App and your Accounting App.

Now, when you ask Aider a question you can specify the data source you would like to receive the information from - for example; "What are my sales today in Kounta?" Or “What were my sales this week in Xero?”

Proactive Notifications (Did You Knows?)

As Aider gets to know your business it will search for anomalies or patterns in your data, potentially a spike in sales or significant change in wage costs - when it notices something it will proactively send you a text to keep you up-to-date.

Our Data Science team is always working on a new “Did You Knows?” based on customer feedback and research.

Here is our most recent addition:

1. Daily and Weekly POS 'Did You Knows' combined

Once you have connected your Point of Sale data (e.g. Vend, Kounta, Square, Shopify etc) Aider will send you proactive notifications about your sales data.

If you are a current Aider user, you may have found notifications from Aider on Monday mornings to be a bit full-on with multiple notifications regarding yesterday’s sales analysis followed by last week’s sales analysis.

We’ve made this experience better.

These notifications are now combined into a single notification, giving you yesterday’s sales compared to the same day last week, and last week’s sales compared to the week before. Also, if you have multiple Point of Sale app connections, the sales values are now aggregated to give you the complete picture.

See below for an example.

2. Upcoming invoices to be paid (next 2 weeks) plus overdue invoices from Xero

Here, if you have the Xero App connected, Aider looks into your data and confirms the amount and times that payments are due. You will receive a notification on a Monday, so you can manage your cash flow effectively.

3. POS Improvement

If you have two or more sources of POS data, Aider’s POS related Pro-Active Notifications including, Last Month’s Sales, would previously default to pull from one source only. This has been fixed. Aider will now use multiple Point of Sale connections to produce the ‘Did You Know’.

For example, if your business uses both Vend and Shopify, and 100 sales came from Vend and 20 sales came from Shopify, Aider will tell you you have 120 sales total.

All point of sale notifications with now pull from all POS data sources.

If you want to know sales from individual POS systems, you can now query them separately. Read how, above in ‘New Questions’.


Aider connects to Paymark Insights data. This data is NOT real-time but one day delayed, due to the way the data is collected each day.


If you are a Westpac customer, you are now able to get Aider to request a Westpac representative to contact you. You can also contact Westpac directly from the app. This is just the beginning of our Westpac functionality, stay tuned for more.

Your feedback is important and helps us make Aider the best possible solution. Please let us know what improvements or additions you would like to see at