Product Update September 2019


Pricing Change

Aider for the cost of two coffees per month

The current version of Aider is just the beginning. We have a big vision and are planning to add many more features and integrations, all based on what we’ve heard from our early stage customers.In an effort to democratize AI for all small business owners we are changing our price point from $39.99 per month to $9.99 per month.Inspiring this change was the fact that many of our customers are actively enjoying Aider with just one or two apps connected (i.e., Xero and Facebook), either because they don't have a Point of Sale app or their Point of Sale app is one that we don't currently connect to. We've reduced our fees to make the price consumable for those who can’t access the full suite of solutions Aider can offer.The current version of Aider is just the start and we look forward to giving you many options to build onto this in the future.- Aider is now $9.99 per month along with a 30-day free trial. Connect as many of our current app integrations and multiple users with no extra charge.Please keep the feedback coming, we appreciate it!

New Questions You Can Ask Aider


If you have Aider connected to your rostering app (e.g. Deputy) you will now be able to ask the following question:- "Who's in today?" for an update on the roster for that day.

Google Analytics

If you have Aider connected to Google Analytics you will now be able to ask the following question:- "What's my traffic like?" for website traffic user sessions and visits.

New Features

Cash Flow Graphics

Our customers said they want more visuals. As such, we are busy creating new graphics and here’s one of the first to give you an idea of what’s to come. This graphic gives a clear representation of your business's cash flow. Stay tuned for more graphics to be rolled out to ensure your insights are accessible at a quick glance.

Proactive Notifications (Did You Knows?)

As Aider gets to know your business it will look for anomalies in your data, potentially a sharp drop in sales or an employee that is habitually late. Aider’s Proactive Notifications are useful truths will let you know what’s going on in your business.Our Data Science team uses customer feedback and research to produce new “Did You Knows?”. Here is our most recent addition:

1. Roster Previous Week Summary

This new proactive notification rolls the previous rostering notifications into one consolidated version. It combines timesheets still left to be approved, scheduled vs actual hours, an estimate based on an hourly wage and wage costs incurred vs. sales. These details are pulled from your rostering and point of sale data. Below is an example of a proactive text from Aider.

Live Data for Deputy

Aider will now get live data for Deputy instead of once every four hours. An issue was fixed where the data did not come through fast enough for the desired question and as a result the question timed out.

Further Aider Improvements


Square access improvementOur Square integration was improved by correcting a problem that prevented Aider from accessing some of Square's information after the initial connection was made by the user.

Point of Sale

Improved response timeOur developers have improved the response time when asking specific product names and categories.Your feedback is important and helps us make Aider the best possible solution. Please let us know what improvements or additions you would like to see at