Why Aider works with our customers to build great products

Our customers help us to build great products for small business owners and advisors

At Aider, we set out to do things differently from the start. Our mission is to easily enable accountants and bookkeepers to become their clients' trusted advisor. We knew we wanted to create products that worked with and for accountants. In order to do this, we knew we needed to incorporate financial services professionals into our planning from day one.

To start off, we made an accountant our Product Manager. Phil Dominick brings solid experience as an accountant and leads our product team with his thorough knowledge of business operations and a deep understanding of cross functional financial analysis. He works with his small business clients everyday to help them grow more successful and encourages them to use technology in ways that enhance every aspect of business. We know that the financial services industry is changing as more technology becomes available to you and your customers. We recognize the value you see in Xero and also how apps help your small business clients. For this reason, we partner with Xero and the world's best small business software-as-a-service (SaaS) apps. The Aider Advisory Portal aims to be an integral part of your workflow, which is why we're part of the Xero ecosystem that connects users with the best cloud technology. Both our products integrate with Xero to simply translate all its data into accessible but robust information and actions you and your clients can use to grow and scale.

Partnering with Xero and having an accountant as part of our team was never going to be enough for us. We know we are not an accounting practice. We are a software company with some of the world's best engineers building our products. Still, at Aider, we are built for and by accountants. So what do we mean when we say we are built by accountants? It's simple: your feedback drives what we build. It determines what we implement, how we prioritize features and even the language we use in the Aider Advisory Portal and the Aider Client App. What makes us different from other software companies is that we started implementing feedback from accountants from the very first iteration of our products. Even before our engineers wrote the first line of code to build our apps, we talked to accountants.

We know that if you are going to have us as part of your practice, we need to make yours the most important opinion at Aider. And we do. Your feedback is critical to Aider because we build our products for you. What makes us different is that we think of our customers as the smartest voice in the room. You are working with your clients and building the future of accounting with every meeting you have, and we want to join you in those meetings. We have some great ideas about how to make those meetings and communication more productive and efficient, but you, our accounting and bookkeeping customers, are the ones who let us know if it really works in the day-to-day of growing your practice.

Thank you. It's thanks to our customers that we can build great products for small business owners and their financial advisors. We have important news: we're about to take our relationship with you to the next level with our new early access  program. We want to make your feedback an even louder voice in our office, so we've launched a special package that lets you tell us what we should build next. Let's work together to build products that add value to your accounting or bookkeeping practice.

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