Our friendly customer support team is online if you want to find out more about Aider.
Our friendly customer support team is online if you want to find out more about Aider.

Be the proactive advisor your clients need

Engage your clients and scale your practice with Aider's powerful, yet effortless Advisory Intelligence Platform.

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Integrate with Xero in under five minutes

Aider seamlessly integrates with Xero so that accountants and bookkeepers can stay one step ahead with instant access to all of their clients' information.

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Aider Advisory Platform

The Aider Advisory Intelligence Platform is for accountants and bookkeepers who want to monitor their clients' real-time business performance and build stronger client relationships.


Power up your advisory business today with Aider's Advisory Platform

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Managing by exception, saving you time
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Offer additional advisory services that drive increased revenue
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More productive client conversations
“Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform has a crystal ball mentality. It has the potential to look at your real-time data for both lagging and leading indicators and tell you where your business is heading.”
Nick, Nooneplus
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How can Aider help you?

Aider exists to help accountants and bookkeepers connect directly with their clients so that they can help business owners make data-driven decisions about cash flow, staffing and accounting.

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Accountants & Bookkeepers

Centralised view of practice
Cash flow insights
Quick profit & loss forecasts
View leading indicators
Send proactive customer notifications
Easy conversations with clients
Seamless Xero integration

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Help grow your clients' businesses
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Simplify client work with a smart, central platform
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Cut out time-consuming admin and scale your business
Powerful, cloud-based advisory software that helps you guide your small business clients to make smarter financial and cash flow management decisions.
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