About Aider

Aider is an early-stage, innovative tech company. We offer intelligent software solutions for Accountants and Bookkeepers.

Members of the Aider team sharing a laughThe Aider team at their Christmas party
Brendan Roberts - Founder and CEO of AiderThe Aider team photo

The idea of Aider was born

A vision to use cutting-edge technology to help SMBs.


App enters the app store

Aider’s financial digital assistant for SMBs was born.


1835i invests in Aider

Aider shares their mission, and 1835i becomes an investor.


Advisory Platform released

Powerful software built for advisors enters the market.

The Aider story: entrepreneurship & an ingenious team

Aider started with a small, ingenious team, and is gradually growing. It is the talented people at Aider that make up the magic and growth of our products – without their collective expertise, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

We opened up the Aider office in Auckland, New Zealand, and since then, have expanded internationally. We have a diverse and talented team spread across a variety of countries, now with an organisational presence in Australia too.

The Aider mission:

help small businesses by helping their accountants & advisors scale advisory with AI

Since conception, the mission of Aider has been to help small businesses. This started with the Mobile App, which guides business owners with their day-to-day business. Aider then shifted focus to help small businesses' advisors, accountants and bookkeepers be more efficient and effective. By harnessing the power of AI, Aider enables them to provide more proactive advisory, which in turn helps their clients.

How are we achieving this mission? With the help of our talented, ingenious team.

We believe the best solution is a combination of artificial intelligence and real human intelligence.

Our Values

The values that drive everything
we do here at Aider

Customer champions

What we do here at Aider always comes back to our mission: to help our customers. We support them, and drive success with our intuitive products. We encourage feedback and we improve our product accordingly.

Talented people

Something else very important to us is our team. From our software developers to our customer specialists and sales and marketing creatives, every member of our team plays an integral part in the success of our products.

Continuous innovation

At Aider, we believe in the power of AI and how it can transform business. We’re forward-thinkers, and because of this we value continuous innovation. We’re always updating and improving our software.

Stronger with others

Just as our internal team is highly valuable to us, as are our external partners. We partner with many innovative companies, and we see them as extensions of our own team. They have helped Aider become what it is today.

Stay healthy & grow

At Aider, we work hard and play hard. We take care of ourselves and encourage a healthy work-life balance. We look after our team mates and we take time to breathe and balance our thinking.

Work as a team

At Aider, we collaborate and communicate. We work as a team, and support one another with our ideas and workload. It is our talented team as a collective that makes Aider what it is today, which is why we live by this value.

Aider's Magic: Our People

Brendan Roberts, CEO & Founder

“The best thing about Aider is working with a fantastic group of people to help solve our customers' problems. We have a diverse group of intelligent people who bring clever thinking, and work really hard, but just as importantly, have as much fun as possible along the way.”

Louise, Head of Customer Success

“One of the reasons I love working for Aider is the talented people. There are a range of ages, backgrounds and cultures all contributing their skills and knowledge to the same goal. I also believe that Aider has the power to completely transform accounting and provide businesses with proactive support that encourages them to thrive and, in turn, strengthens local communities.”

A portrait of Louise from Aider

Phil Dominick, Head of Accounting

“Accounting and tax services have always been very reactive, and they don't really give clients performance visibility – Aider solves this. As an accountant, Aider helps me prioritise my internal bookkeeping and client needs; it saves my clients from late or negative payment emails, and instead provides them with a proactive tax planning conversation.”

Phil from Aider