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Aider is designed to help you improve period close, compliance and advisory for all of your clients. 

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Tier 1

Up to 50 clients


per month

or US$5,100 / year (save 15%)

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Tier 2

51-150 clients


per month

or US$15,300 / year (save 15%)

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Tier 3

151-300 clients


per month

or US$25,500 / year (save 15%)

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Tier 4

301-500 clients


per month

or US$35,700 / year (save 15%)

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Tier 5

501-1,000 clients


per month

or US$51,000 / year (save 15%)

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Implementation fee

We know you're serious about taking your firm to the next level. That's why we support you with implementation of Aider across your firm.

  • The implementation program covers period close, scaling advisory and more.
  • Pricing starts from $3,000 and is customized based on the size of your firm and your requirements.
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Prices shown exclude any applicable taxes. See FAQs below for more information.

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Pricing that scales with you not against you

Here at Aider, we take pride in transparent pricing that suits you. With our tiered pricing structure it's not only efficient but also cost effective to centralise all of your clients' data in one place. 

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Affordable pricing that helps you grow your practice

At Aider we offer a tiered pricing structure that suits you. Simply pick the pricing tier that reflects the size of your customer base, and as your practice grows, move up pricing tiers to get the most value for overall cost per client.

Whether you have a handful of clients or many more, Aider can help you scale your practice. You can trial Aider free for 14 days to ensure Aider is the right fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to enter credit card details for the 14-day free trial?

No. Credit card details are NOT required for Aider’s 14-day free trial period – simply set up an account and start using the platform. And when you're ready to subscribe, just set up your payment details to continue using the platform.

How do I continue my subscription after the free trial ends?

Easily! If your 14-day free trial has expired, simply follow the link to set up your payment method and your account will be reactivated and your paid subscription will start.

Is the price inclusive of GST / sales tax?

No, the prices do not include any local GST / sales tax. If you are in New Zealand, GST will be added to your total bill. If you are in any other country, no GST / sales tax will be added.

What currencies does Aider accept?

If your practice is based in New Zealand or Australia, prices shown are in your local currency (NZD or AUD). If you are based in any other country, prices shown are in USD.

What payment methods does Aider accept?

Aider accepts payments by credit and debit cards only. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, and UnionPay.

Is Aider’s billing monthly or annually?

It is up to you! Because our pricing is designed to suit you, you can choose to be billed monthly OR annually. Depending on which you choose, you will either be billed once per month on the same day each month, or once per year on the same day each year.

Love from our customers

Fiscal Artisans – saving time with Aider to “go beyond the numbers”

"Since using Aider, we’re spending less time on low-dollar services and more time on high-value services...We’re able to offer more $300 advisory services, instead of just basic $30 accounting services."
Customer story

How Accountants4U is saving hours of time using Aider

“When I use Aider, everything is handy and saves me time. I don’t need to scroll through Xero or add any add-ons to sort through my clients’ data. Aider is a great tool as it helps me have all of my clients’ crucial data readily available!"
Customer story

Why Appy Books loves Aider

“My favourite part of Aider is the financial KPI dashboard – all of my clients' data is triaged with a traffic light system so that I know which clients need my help and when.”
Customer story

Diverse Accountants uses Aider

“In the past, I’ve used other cash flow systems that are confusing – but Aider is effortless. I love how Aider has taken something so complex and made it simple to understand and use, it saves me hours of time every month.”
Customer story

Why Antlab loves using Aider

“We love the visibility of Aider’s platform. We love how we can see every single one of our clients’ data in one place, and sort them by turnover.”
Customer story

Aider helps Sidekick grow

“We have an optimistic and rosy view of Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform and how it will help Sidekick in the near future, in enabling us to be profoundly proactive with our clients.”
Customer story
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