A seamless Xero integration that
syncs client data
in real-time

As a Xero connected app, Aider is the perfect addition to your accounting tech stack – Xero helps you manage the data and Aider helps you analyse and act on it.

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Easily bring your clients' Xero files to a more complete & accurate state

Having multiple tabs open in Xero takes too much time and effort – we know, we’ve been there. That’s why we created Aider to simplify this for you. Aider syncs with Xero and pre-analyses all of your clients' data for you!

Real-time Xero integration, meaning more accurate data
Less manual admin, saving you time
All of your clients’ data presented to you on one Dashboard

A two-piece puzzle:
how Aider and Xero work together

Stay on top of your client base with all of your Xero clients' KPIs on one convenient Dashboard

Automated Period Close Checklists to ensure quality data underlies your compliance & advisory services

Proactive analysis & visualisation of key data to drive client actions and help them achieve their goals

Automatic alerts so you know who needs your help and when – no more sifting through piles of data

Accurate, proactive daily updates with option to resync with Xero on demand

Less manual admin, meaning hours of time saved that you can use to upsell and deliver advisory services


Connects with Xero
in under 2 minutes

We designed Aider to integrate with Xero seamlessly. All you have to do is connect your existing Xero account and all of your clients’ data will sync in real-time.

Simply click “sign up with Xero”
Aider will sync your clients’ data in real-time
Pre-analysed Xero data in one intuitive Dashboard

Love from our customers

Fiscal Artisans – saving time with Aider to “go beyond the numbers”

"Since using Aider, we’re spending less time on low-dollar services and more time on high-value services...We’re able to offer more $300 advisory services, instead of just basic $30 accounting services."
Customer story

How Accountants4U is saving hours of time using Aider

“When I use Aider, everything is handy and saves me time. I don’t need to scroll through Xero or add any add-ons to sort through my clients’ data. Aider is a great tool as it helps me have all of my clients’ crucial data readily available!"
Customer story

Why Appy Books loves Aider

“My favourite part of Aider is the financial KPI dashboard – all of my clients' data is triaged with a traffic light system so that I know which clients need my help and when.”
Customer story

Diverse Accountants uses Aider

“In the past, I’ve used other cash flow systems that are confusing – but Aider is effortless. I love how Aider has taken something so complex and made it simple to understand and use, it saves me hours of time every month.”
Customer story

Why Antlab loves using Aider

“We love the visibility of Aider’s platform. We love how we can see every single one of our clients’ data in one place, and sort them by turnover.”
Customer story

Aider helps Sidekick grow

“We have an optimistic and rosy view of Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform and how it will help Sidekick in the near future, in enabling us to be profoundly proactive with our clients.”
Customer story
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