How technology can help you grow your accounting practice

There has never been a better time to introduce new technology into your practice.

Accountants and bookkeepers look after small businesses. More and more clients turn to their advisors for help making big decisions about their businesses and how to become more successful. You provide the services your clients need to help with profitability and growth, but it's important to remember that your practice is also a business that requires attention to help increase profit and scale. For many of your clients, technology makes a huge difference in how they run their business. Point-of-sales, social media, and eCommerce software help push them ahead. While financial professionals use different tools, technology is transforming accounting and can help you propel your practice forward. It's vital to optimize the right technology to manage your clients, get accurate information, and communicate more efficiently. There has never been a better time to introduce tech-enabled ways of working into your practice. We've pulled together a few tips on how to make tech work for you.

Access Real-Time Data

Your clients need to know what to do with their business now. If you're only telling them what they should have done in the past based on a year-end report, they're not likely able to make a significant change, nor are they going to feel great about your relationship. Tech solutions that offer real-time access to all your clients' data in one place help you make proactive suggestions to your most vulnerable clients. A product like the Aider Advisory Intelligence Platform will alert you to which clients need your attention first and give you the information you need to guide them. Instead of going through one file after another looking for the right information, smarter tech gives you a timely view of your client's compliance, cash flow, and business performance so you can focus on giving them advice and expanding your services.

Manage a large client base

One of the best things about tech solutions designed for advisors is that it can give you a one-screen overview of your entire practice. As competition grows, practices have increased pressure to deliver high-value services to clients. Without smart, future-focused tech, this can be impossible. A product that gives you an aggregate view of your clients’ data, profitability, cash flow, and tax information enables you to efficiently keep track of all your clients. Alert systems in tech for advisors let you know when there's an anomaly in a client's business performance so you can reach out to the client. Reaching out to your clients to let them know when something is wrong is much faster when you introduce smart tech that features automation into your practice. For example, Aider's Advisory Intelligence Platform features automated messages and templates that make it easy to reach out to your clients to share key information. Technology increases the number of touch-points you can make per day while freeing up time to take on more clients.

Provide better services—advisory services

Clients don't just want an accountant or a bookkeeper; they want a trusted advisor. Advisors know their client's businesses inside and out and help small businesses grow. Technology takes your clients' raw data and gives you access to the metrics and insights you need to guide them in proactive decision-making. Advisory requires you to expand your services, and smart automation, real-time data, and seamless digital communication allow you to do just that. Take your practice and your clients into the future by adopting the best technology designed specifically for advisors. 

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