ANZ: Our new strategic partner

Aider News Announcement

We believe good partnerships make for strong businesses. Whether it's a business owner and their colleague or a small business and their accountant—we know that great relationships help take businesses to the next level. That's why we're thrilled to report that we have a new partnership of our own.

Starting this month, we're partnering with ANZ, our new strategic investor. One of the reasons we're so excited about this partnership is that ANZ believes in investing in organizations that can help small businesses succeed. ANZ knows that small and medium enterprises are a vital part of our economy. They work hard to support their business customers wherever they are on their journey. One-on-one sessions with experienced specialists, free workshops, and online calculators help their small business customers move into the future. What's more, they're always looking for new top-of-the-line products that can help their customers with planning and decision-making. Aider fits the bill. Aider and ANZ are connected through the bank's ANZi Ventures initiative that invests in innovation.

The bank saw in Aider an enterprise that brings small business owners and accountants tools that help them make smarter choices based on financial numbers they can trust. In other words, Aider is the sort of business that ANZ wants to tell their customers all about. There's no doubt that ANZ will help Aider grow, and we see our partnership with the bank as a two-way relationship. With ANZ's help, we are able to scale Aider and create ever better products for small businesses.

"As we grow and work together, ANZ will be able to provide their business customers and accountants with the best fintech tools available," says founder and CEO Brendan Roberts. "Our mission is to help small businesses and their advisors. And our partnership with ANZ helps us connect more people with their business data in a language they can understand."