Rt. Hon. Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister visits Aider to celebrate Small Business Loan Scheme success

Aider News Announcement

The 2020 Small Business Cash Flow (Loan) Scheme (SBCS) has been a lifeline to New Zealand organizations. It has kept initiatives afloat and provided valuable breathing room for teams to rethink, adapt and pivot their offerings to fit the new norm. In 2018, Aider was founded on the belief that small businesses should have access to all the data they need to forecast and succeed. The team knew that AI, Machine learning, and the best technology could help connect small businesses with the data they need to forecast and grow. Without data, businesses are blind to their company’s financial performance.  Now in 2020, one thing is clear: the need for small New Zealand businesses to have access to easy-to-understand financial data was more important than ever. Aider knows this because Aider is a small business that believes in helping other small businesses.

The government recognized that Aider had a lot to contribute to the entire country and beyond.  With the help of SBCS, Aider was able to get to work. They accelerated their service offerings and launched a business advisory tool that connected the experts--accountants and bookkeepers--with small business owners. They realized the work needed to take financial data management to a whole new level of ease for everyone. On November 12th, the Ministry commemorated how the government's IRD Cash Loan enabled Aider to not only survive but thrive during these difficult times.

"With their support of Aider, the government has demonstrated that they understand the importance of digital solutions for small businesses," says Aider CEO Brendan Roberts. "The NZ government has shown their support throughout COVID-19 and they want New Zealand small businesses to have access to the best tools during these uncertain times."

Jacinda Ardern PM visited Aider.ai

We are grateful for the small business support from the government, its key partners, investors, and shareholders who are the key to our startup’s continued success. Through the support Aider receives,  we are able to empower hundreds of small businesses to make smarter business decisions. Aider is heralding a movement to democratize the world of data, AI, and analytics. To read more about the PMs visit click here.