Aider 2023 Wrapped

Get the most out of new Aider features that help you nail compliance and scale advisory.

We released a bunch of new features and enhancements in 2023 to help you nail compliance and scale your advisory services.

Join our Heads of Accounting and Sales to find out...

  • How to integrate these features into your compliance and advisory workflows.
  • How to get the most out of these features.
  • What pain points they help you soothe.
  • The benefits of using these features.
  • Implementation support available to you and your team.

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Features covered...

Nail Compliance

  • Dashboard - compliance information enhancements
  • Data checklist rules - practice standards vs client-level customisation
  • Annual & GST period checklists
  • Client activity summary

Scale Advisory

  • Aider Report Pack with client-friendly AI Executive Summary
  • AI Advisory Assistant

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