End of Financial Year checklist for bookkeepers & accountants: how to prepare for the EOFY

In this blog, we share advice & a free checklist to help you prepare for the EOFY.

End of Financial Year checklist for bookkeepers & accountants: how to prepare for the EOFY

An EOFY checklist, plus tips to help you check those boxes before the EOFY sneaks up on you

The End of Financial Year is a common stressor in the accounting and bookkeeping community. It’s that time of year when the time pressure is on and you’ve got to get your clients’ financial data analysed and organised on time. 

The EOFY in New Zealand (March 31st) has already passed this year, but the EOFY in Australia (June 30th) is right around the corner. 

So how can you be more prepared, and proactively organise your clients’ finances ahead of time, so that when the EOFY arrives, you’re ready? 

In this article, we’ve put together 4 EOFY tips to help you be less reactive, and more proactive, while preparing for the EOFY. And it’ll hopefully help you feel less stressed too!

We’ve also created two FREE, downloadable EOFY checklists (an Australian version and a New Zealand version) to help you start checking those boxes.

Download our free EOFY checklists below, to get a head start!

Click on the below to download either our Australia EOFY checklist, or our New Zealand EOFY checklist.



4 EOFY tips to get you started

When preparing for the End of Financial Year chaos, the first thing you’re going to want to do is have a clear plan of what needs to be done. 

Our pre-prepared EOFY checklist, which you can download for free above, will significantly help you with getting your head in the EOFY planning mindset. 

You’ll need to start preparing for setting up workpapers in Xero, completing GST reconciliations, organising your clients’ taxes…and the list goes on. 

The most efficient and stress-free EOFY is one that is proactive. Make sure you have a clear plan.

Download our free EOFY checklist above.

The next thing you’re going to want to do is ensure your accounting/bookkeeping tech stack is up to date. 

Gone are the days that you have to organise your clients’ finances manually, and via stacks and stacks of paper. Modern technology makes this easy for you! 

With a powerful accounting tech stack, you can organise your clients’ finances and get everything organised for the End of Financial Year ahead of time. 

We recommend using Xero and Aider together, for the most complete accounting software capabilities available on the market.

Don’t waste time sifting through all of your clients’ data to discover overdue taxes and inconsistencies that will make your EOFY a chaotic nightmare. Xero and Aider can do this for you!

Xero takes care of the financial data management, and Aider takes care of the data analysis and advisory. Together, they’ll help you power up your practice and avoid the EOFY chaos. 

Learn more about how Aider & Xero will help you prepare for the EOFY.

This step helps you go that extra mile for your clients. 

It is in this step, where you should brainstorm what else you can do after you’ve completed your clients’ accounts. (Which hopefully you’ve completed ahead of time, with the help of our free EOFY checklist.)

In our downloadable EOFY checklist above, we have included a section that has a list of questions that you can ask yourself. 

Whether your client is looking for advice on growth, leading indicators, digital tools, or support in creating clear, achievable goals – it is in this step that you should figure out what your client needs help with, and be proactive with your advice. 

Once the accounts are in, and you’re feeling confident that you’ve beaten the EOFY chaos, do some research and brainstorm some ideas of how you can help your client scale their business and implement tools to surpass their competitors. 

Download our EOFY checklist with a list of ideas to help you with this step.

Our last piece of advice for you when preparing for the End Of Financial Year is to not stress!

With a background in accounting, we understand firsthand just how stressful preparing for the EOFY can be. 

That’s why we created these EOFY tips, plus two free checklists (EOFY New Zealand and EOFY Australia) to help you feel more in control before the EOFY  sneaks up on you.

In fact, that's why we created Aider. 

We created Aider to provide accountants & bookkeepers with a solution to their stress

Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform syncs seamlessly with Xero, pulls your clients’ data, pre-analyses it for you, and presents it to you in an effortless and digestible overview.

It provides you with a clear view of all of your clients’ finances, it indicates urgencies with a colour-coded design, and it alerts you of things that require your attention, ahead of time. 

Why? So that you can be a more proactive advisor – and feel less stressed while doing so!

Here at Aider, we think accounting and advisory is cool, so we make it our mission to minimise the stressful parts, and maximise the fun parts.

Ready to take control & get prepared for the EOFY?

The first month of Aider is free. Book a demo here.

And don’t forget to download our free EOFY checklist!

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