Fiscal Artisans – saving time with Aider’s proactive advisory software to “go beyond the numbers”


Fiscal Artisans – saving time with Aider’s proactive advisory software to “go beyond the numbers”

Since 1991, Fiscal Artisans has been committed to helping small business entrepreneurs chase their goals and grow their businesses. With family, partnership and creativity based values at the heart of their business, Fiscal Artisans work hand-in-hand with their clients to support them with their financial needs. 

We interviewed our customer Stuart Smith, CEO of Fiscal Artisans, to see how he is using Aider’s Advisory Platform to help achieve his mission of supporting small businesses make healthy financial decisions.

“In the 30 or so years I’ve been in business, the accounting industry has changed a lot. The move to real-time data and automated dashboards that crystallise client data has been key. Over the past couple of years I was looking for a platform like this and that’s how I found Aider. The connection with Xero, and the dashboard that consolidates information gives me a quick snapshot of all my clients’ data.” 

– Stuart Smith, Fiscal Artisans CEO

“The move to real-time data and automated dashboards that crystallise client data has been key.”

Stuart and his team have watched as the accounting and financial services industry has transformed in the 30 or so years they’ve been in business. Today, they understand just how crucial it is to incorporate automation within their practice – not just to streamline processes, but to improve their client services. 

This is why, when Stuart found Aider, it was an instant match. Here at Aider, we created our Advisory Platform with advisors in mind – we know that they have the knowledge and expertise to do more than just accounting services for their clients; they just don’t always have the time. So we created an intuitive, consolidated platform that solves this problem – and we are excited to see that customers like Stuart are finding value in using Aider in their daily operations. 

We asked Stuart how he sees technology like Aider playing a role in the success of his customers, and he shared with us;

“The Aider dashboard makes it quick and easy for me to see multiple client insights so that I can reach out to my clients and help them get their accounts up to date and understand what their financial position is. All of the insights in Aider – including profitability, tax position, etc. – helps me get this conversation started with my clients quickly.”

Having worked with entrepreneurs for many years, Stuart understands just how important it is to help his clients ahead of time with proactive financial advice. Small business owners need their accountant to chase them up to get their accounts in order quickly and efficiently, and Stuart sees modern advisory technology like Aider as an invaluable tool in this process. Stuart shared how Aider’s multiple insights and consolidated dashboard helps get this conversation started more proactively.

“Aider is a substantial time-saver. My team and I can see a data overview of all of our clients and all of their insights – from cash flow, profitability, etc. all in one place. It enables us to give highly valuable information and services to our clients; helping us work towards our goal of streamlined services for our clients.”

“Aider is a substantial time-saver” – helping Fiscal Artisans spend less time on low-dollar services and more time on high-value services

When we set out to create Aider, our goal was to offer an intuitive platform that saves time. With pre-analysed data and proactive alerts, advisors can spend less time on manual administration and go beyond basic accounting services to offer high-value advisory services. 

So when we asked Stuart if Aider is helping him save time so that he and his team can have more advisory conversations with their clients, we were beyond pleased to hear his answer was “absolutely!”

“Absolutely! Since using Aider, we’re spending less time on low-dollar services and more time on high-value services. The time we’ve saved has enabled us to do more than just help our clients with basic accounting data – we’re able to offer more $300 advisory services, instead of just basic $30 accounting services. My team now has the time to offer consulting services instead of just data work – which really aligns with our mission of ‘going beyond the numbers’ and helping our clients look ahead to make positive changes in their businesses.”

“Going beyond the numbers” with modern advisory technology – we’re honoured to play a part in Fiscal Artisans mission to help entrepreneurs succeed

As an accounting firm of over 30 years experience and a loyal customer base, and growing, we are not at all surprised how Fiscal Artisans are so aware of the positive impacts of modern technology on their business; and respective clients’ businesses. 

We’re honoured to call Stuart and the team at Fiscal Artisans our customer, and it warms our hearts to see our Advisory Platform helping advisors the way it was intended. We can’t wait to see how Fiscal Artisans continue to support their entrepreneur clients with forward-thinking advisory services – with Aider as a centralised platform within their practice.

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