Meet Tina Mathams, CEO of Diverse Accountants: the neurodiversity inclusive accounting firm

Diverse Accountants Customer Case Study

We’re inspired by our customer Tina Mathams, and her neurodiversity inclusive approach to accounting – and we couldn’t be happier to hear how Aider’s Platform is helping Tina deliver this approach.

We interviewed our customer Tina Mathams from Diverse Accountants to learn more about her story and business vision, and we were inspired to hear her unique and personalised approach to accounting – a neurodiversity inclusive approach; one that was missing from the industry.

“As a person who has ADHD, I know that there are a lot of people out there that have a neurodivergence just like me. I started Diverse Accountants to offer a personalised accounting service that takes into consideration these diversities.”

– Tina Mathams, CEO & Founder

Tina shared with us her journey as an experienced accountant, as well as a person with ADHD. She shared how neurodiversity can impact the way in which one works, concentrates, and perceives the world. She shared how these diversities can often be difficult for others around to understand – particularly in a work environment. 

So after over a decade of working as an accountant and advisor, Tina decided to launch her own accounting firm – one that takes into consideration neurodiversity, and offers an understanding and personalised approach.

Offering a safe space – accounting that is delivered in a way that helps neurodivergent people thrive

“The key mission is to be able to provide a safe space for people that need that extra support and understanding. Diverse Accountants offers personalised accounting services to neurodivergent people that might be behind on their taxes, or need guidance with their finances from someone who understands their way of thinking.” 

Offering this personalised service adds an enriching element to accounting and advisory both from Tina’s perspective as the accountant, and from her clients. Combining her industry experience with her passion for neurodiversity inclusion, Tina has created an accounting space of her own; one that is unlike any other in the industry.

Visual graphs and proactive insights: how Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform is helping Tina deliver her mission

Uplifted by Tina’s story and business mission, here at Aider, we couldn’t be more excited to be a part of her business journey with the help of our agile platform for advisors. 

When asked how Tina sees intelligent technology like Aider as a useful tool for helping her clients, Tina shared with us how having access to an effortless and straightforward platform, with the use of visuals is not only helpful for her, but for her clients too. 

“Many people who are neurodivergent learn and understand best with visuals – it can often be difficult for many of them to take meaning from just words and numbers. So having access to visuals, such as the graphs in Aider is very helpful because it makes the data easier to understand, and I can easily send these graphs to my clients with ease.”

Delivering her mission with the help of artificial intelligence: how Tina saves hours of time with a platform that is easy to understand

Tina shared with us how Aider’s Advisory Platform helps her run her business more proactively because of its effortless, and straightforward software design. With Aider’s client dashboard, she is able to login and see what’s happening with all of her clients instantly – saving her hours of time every month.

“It helps that Aider is very straightforward – I can easily login and see what’s happening with my clients and send them visual graphs. In the past, I’ve used other cash flow systems that are confusing – but Aider is effortless. I love how Aider has taken something so complex and made it simple to understand and use, it saves me hours of time every month.” 

It is the stories like Tina’s that reconnect us with the reason we created Aider: to help people

Tina’s story and business mission is a daily inspiration to us here at Aider; so we couldn’t be happier to play a part in helping her deliver her mission.

It is the stories like Tina’s that remind us of our own mission. Because we created Aider to help people too. We created Aider to help accountants, bookkeepers and small businesses take the administration – take the stress – out of their lives with the use of intelligent, automated tools. 

Aider not only connects accountants like Tina with their clients’ data, it connects them with their clients identity, and it reconnects them with their core business values. 

Tina shared with us that one of her most important values is the client experience; she cares greatly about her client relationships, and strives to personalise her services so that they feel supported and understood. So for us to hear that Aider is saving Tina hours of time every month, we are over-the-moon that she can dedicate this saved time on taking care of her clients and fostering these important relationships. 

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