New Client Activity Summary

Gauge how much it costs to serve and price your service correctly

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What’s new? 

You can now get a snapshot of your client’s key Xero activity levels to guide your service pricing.

What benefits does it have for advisors?

  • Don’t work for free - price your service correctly
    Knowing the volume of data you’ll have to process, you’ll be able to adjust your pricing and ensure you’re getting paid for your hard work.
  • Avoid burnouts - staff and plan your work correctly
    Make sure you have enough resources to handle the volume of work. Manage client expectations on response time accordingly to avoid stress and misunderstandings.
  • Bonus - extra indicators on how your clients are doing
    Volume of activities can give you another heads up on clients that are struggling and need help, as well as clients that are growing and may be open to more services. 

How does it work? 

  • You’ll find the client’s Activity Summary on the new “Overview” tab in the Client Insights section.
  • Choose between summaries for the financial year or for the GST period.
  • Aider shows you the current period to date + the previous 2 periods.
  • Use this information to gauge how much effort it would take to serve this client and adjust your pricing accordingly..

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This is only the beginning…

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