Be a more proactive advisor with Aider’s new 'Data Health Reconciliation' product update


Be a more proactive advisor with Aider’s new 'Data Health Reconciliation' product update

Data health reconciliation update: When your customers’ reconciliation statuses are showing as red on the dashboard, we’ve muted related alerts so you don’t get too many false signals. 

What does this mean exactly?

As usual, if your clients have unreconciled items showing in Aider, a red notification will show, raising an alert that this needs to be sorted ASAP. In addition to this, we’ve now released a new feature that mutes dependent alerts until you have helped your client fix their data reconciliation. This means that revenue, net profit, income tax, etc. will be muted on your dashboard until those reconciliations are all green! These insights will still work, but there will be less noise.

This new feature is going to provide you with the urgency and focus you need to sort your clients’ reconciliations ASAP. 

You can now trust performance insights when deep diving into your clients’ details. The insights will clearly show whether your clients’ data is in a good state to trust the performance figures, or whether the data needs fixing first via reconciliation. It’s also now easier and more convenient to go into Xero and fix the problem.

We can’t wait to see how this proactive alert system will help you and your clients!

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Alix Dougherty

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