Period Close Dashboard - just in time for the EOFY rush!

The game changer feature to help you stay in control & finish those EOFY jobs with less stress

What’s new? 

Another major feature requested by many of you - delivered! 

And just in time for that most stressful of time for accountants, bookkeepers, and advisors alike: the end of the financial year when all of your clients need attention. 

Introducing the new Aider Period Close Dashboard, giving you the bird’s eye view of your period close progress across all of your clients.

In Australia? Get a head start now by integrating Aider into your EOFY process before your financial year ends in June! Test drive this feature on the BAS/GST period next due and be fully prepared for EOFY in July.

By the way, Aider’s “Data Compliance” features are now called “Period Close” features. This automation toolset will help you not just with your compliance jobs, but also your period financial reporting and advisory jobs. Use it to help you keep your client data as real time as possible to unlock timely advice your clients will be able to act on.

What benefits does it have for advisors?

  • Stay in control of the hectic period close process
    See at a glance the progress of all of your period close jobs and be reassured that you have the situation under control.
  • Prioritise and manage your workload intelligently
    Identify which clients require the most amount of work and plan accordingly.
    Contact them early to ensure you get all the information you need to complete the jobs in time.
    Ensure you allocate sufficient time and staffing to handle the volume.
  • Work efficiently through the massive volume of work
    Multitask and work efficiently through your client list while you wait for feedback and missing information from clients.

How does it work?

To support your upcoming EOFY work, the Period Close Dashboard defaults to the Annual Checklist for the last complete financial year. If it's too early to work on EOFY period close, you can still use this feature with the BAS/GST period next due. More period options will be added soon.

  1. Like with the Advisory Dashboard, all of your activated clients are automatically shown on the Period Close Dashboard.
  2. See at a glance the… 
    • Status of each client’s Annual or BAS/GST Checklist.
    • Progress of alert and manual check reviews - including total numbers of alerts reviewed vs still outstanding.
    • Number of alerts and outstanding manual checks for each checklist category.
  3. Hover over an alert count to see which alerts still need to be reviewed and/or fixed, and whether any comments have been added.
  4. If there are comments, you can see the comments right in the Dashboard by clicking on the comment icon in the pop-up.
  5. Learn more about an alert’s details by clicking on the alert link in the pop-up to go to that client’s Annual Period Close Checklist.
  6. Like with the Advisory Dashboard, you can sort and filter this Dashboard to help you prioritise and stay in focus.

We’re not done improving…

Our team is still working hard to help you simplify your period close data due diligence process.
Watch out for more Period Close automation enhancements to come!

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