Downloadable Data Compliance Checklist

Integrating Aider into your compliance workflow is easier than ever

What’s new? 

You asked and we delivered. You can now download the Aider Data Compliance Checklists as Word documents. 

Available for both the GST and financial year checklists, this enhancement makes it easier than ever to streamline your compliance workflow using Aider.

What benefits does it have for advisors?

  • All the checklist details in a handy shareable document
    Now you can quickly resolve questions about transactions and the data by sharing the details with your client or internally.
  • Add comments and notes effortlessly
    Easily capture additional details and client feedback - e.g. to clarify why certain data alerts have been reviewed and deemed safe to ignore.
  • Print or save as PDFs to add to your workpapers document repository
    Now Aider’s checklists can be added effortlessly to your client workpapers and document repository.

How does it work?

  1. Select the checklist and period you want to download, then click the download icon on the same menu bar.
  2. When the Word document version is downloaded, you can open and…
    • Add comments and notes:
      Either type directly into the content area, OR select a word or data and right-click (Control-click on a Mac) to add a comment.
    • Print or save as PDF for your workpapers repository.
      This makes the document not editable, which is better for audit trails.

We’re not done improving…

Our team is working hard to help you simplify your data due diligence process.
Watch out for more Data Compliance enhancements to come!

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