More time period options for Profitability insights & Report Pack

You can now pick which month or quarter you want to see insights for and report on.

You asked and we delivered!

What’s new? 

  • When working on a specific client, you can now pick which period you want to see Profitability insights for.
  • To support clients you meet on a quarterly basis, you can also switch to a quarterly period instead of the default monthly period. This option is available for all of your clients.
  • Both options are also available in Aider’s ‘Report Pack’ beta features.

How does it work?

  • In the client’s ‘Profitability’’ tab, use the Profitability Period Selector to pick the monthly or quarterly option, and which specific period you want to see.
  • All five Profitability insights will be updated automatically to match your selection so you can get a holistic view of the client’s profitability performance.
  • You can easily generate a performance report for the selected.period by clicking on the ‘Report Beta’ button on the Profitability Period Selector. In the pop-up window, you can change the period again, and/or change what insights to include and what graph elements to show - e.g. hide YTD lines. 

What benefits do these enhancements have for advisors?

  • Be able to support clients on different service levels or whom you meet at a different frequency.

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