New Beta feature added to Aider: ‘Report Pack’


New Beta feature added to Aider: ‘Report Pack’

A Report Pack is a cornerstone of many advisory services. But the effort and cost to create a nicely presented report that customers can understand often restricts this tool to a small set of high value clients.

Not anymore. Introducing Aider’s quick and easy Report Pack beta* feature!

What’s the new feature? 

  • Aider’s Report Pack beta feature is a downloadable Word document that you can brand, edit, print or save as a PDF to share with your client in just a few clicks.
  • In addition to the standard monthly profitability review, you can include any cash flow and tax insights that Aider provides to support your service agreement with your clients.
  • As a flexible Word document, you can also add extra content like the detailed Profit and Loss/ Balance Sheet report, as well as store a copy in your document repository per your firm’s processes.
  • With draft executive summary and action points created by Generative AI, small-business friendly language, and engaging visual graphs, you can now help more of your small business clients with less effort.

How does it work?

1. Simply go to a client’s Profitability tab in Aider, click the “Report” button on the profitability period selector menu. You’ll get a window where you can choose what insights to include and see a preview of the insights.

2. Click the “Download as Word doc” button to edit the Report. 

  • Review the draft executive summary and action points suggested by Generative AI, and then customise as needed to ensure the report drives accountability and the relevant action by your client.
  • Follow our simple instructions to set up 1-click look and feel customisation for your reports.
  • Print or save as a PDF to share with your client on a monthly basis, or at your next regular meeting.

What benefits does this feature have for advisors?

  • By automating and simplifying reporting, you can now offer advisory services to more customers, including those who aren’t aware of the benefits of advisory.
  • The quicker process and lower effort not only streamlines the process for Partners, but also helps senior and junior staff to upskill and elevate your firm’s service offerings.
  • By translating complex financial reports into easy-to-understand trends and performance summaries, Aider’s Report Pack makes it easier to engage with less financially literate clients; helping them understand where they’re going, and what they need to improve on.
  • The report covers all important areas of your client’s business. This makes it easy to discuss opportunities for business growth, profitability improvements, cash flow management and  proactively setting aside money for taxes due.
  • Helping more of your clients succeed will also help secure your sales pipeline for other advisory services.

Need help marketing this service to your clients?

  • Use our email template for introducing advisory service to your client.
    Simply copy the sample email content in Aider into an email and attach a copy of the client’s latest report to entice them to sign up for this value-added reporting service.
  • Our team is working hard to develop a series of templates and resources to help you design, market, and deliver more advisory services to your clients. Bookmark the Templates & Resources page on the Aider Help & Support website to access our latest advisory resources.

Need some assistance with your Aider account? 

Book a training session with our friendly team. 

*A ‘beta’ feature is a sneak peek of a new software feature, where users can try it out and provide feedback to help our software team make improvements before the official release.

Lola Chang

User Experience Designer & Analyst

Lola is passionate about bringing the power of data mining to SMBs and their Advisors, so they too can reap the benefits that larger firms enjoy.