New feature added to Aider: ‘custom tags and filtering’

Improve your workflow efficiency with the help of Aider’s new ‘custom tags and filtering’ product feature…

New feature added to Aider: ‘custom tags and filtering’

Here at Aider, we take pride in the continuous development and improvement of our Advisory Intelligence Platform.

We value the feedback of our users, as well as other accountants and bookkeepers we work with in the industry – which is why we’ve created a brand new feature requested by our users. 

What’s the new feature? 

‘Custom tags and filtering’

How does this feature work?

In Aider, you can now group and filter your clients by custom tags to suit your needs. 

For example, you can tag and filter by:

  • Service level,
  • Who does the reconciliation and GST filing,
  • Offices and teams,
  • And more!

What benefits does this feature have for advisors?

With this new feature, you can improve your workflow efficiency by focusing on groups of clients you define. You can also compare and contrast clients within a group (e.g. Tier 1 clients in the same industry) to spot performance improvement opportunities.

With Aider’s new ‘custom tags and filtering’ tool, analysing your clients data is effortless.

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Alix Dougherty

Content Marketing Manager

Aider's Content Marketing Manager, Alix, is an expert in writing, and seeks to write content that shares Aider's innovative software with advisors.