Speed up data compliance tasks & increase your profit on every client job

New & improved Data Compliance tool, now with customisable practice-wide checklist

Aider’s new and improved Data Compliance tool reduces your time spent on cleaning up data, enabling you to... 

  • Easily standardise and improve the quality of data for all your clients.
  • Complete Accounts and Tax Return filing jobs quickly and profitably.
  • Unlock accurate real time data and insights to deliver better advisory services at scale.

How does Aider’s Data Compliance tool work? 

The new and improved tool helps you standardise and automate your data due diligence checks, while still offering you the flexibility needed to work with different clients’ data.

  • Handy common data checks included out-of-the box and ready for use.
  • New Data Checklist Templates allow you to quickly set up practice-wide standards across all clients and staff.
  • Customise the checklist further for each client as needed.
  • Get alerted automatically when the latest Xero data indicates potential issues.
  • Fix transactions and get required documentation promptly to remove bottlenecks at period and year ends.
  • Real time, complete and accurate accounts unlock quality insights for better advisory and reporting services.

What are the benefits for advisors?

Aider’s improved Data Compliance tool makes it quicker than ever to set up automated data checklists and enforce quality standards. Now you can easily ensure your clients' data is coded correctly for compliance and performance reporting. 

Spend less time on the hefty admin task
of data quality due diligence. 

Be confident that only quality data
underlies your compliance and advisory services.

This is only the beginning…

Our team is working hard to help you simplify your data due diligence process.
Watch out for more Data Compliance enhancements to come!

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