Streamline your data check process with a more flexible Aider Data Compliance tool

You can now create your own rules, add your own checkpoints, and more…

Enhancements to Aider’s Data Compliance Checklist feature

Spend less time on the hefty admin task of data quality due diligence – making sure that only quality data underlies your compliance and advisory services has gotten easier!

We have just added a few enhancements to help you further centralise and automate your Data Compliance Checklist in Aider.

What’s new? 

  1. Create your own rules to automatically alert you of Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet data that needs reviewing and/or corrections.
  2. Add your own checkpoints that’s not driven by Xero data – e.g. review process steps and government portal checks.
  3. Mark a data alert as reviewed to override the alert and indicate the check has passed.

How do these enhancements work?

1 Custom P&L and Balance Sheet rules:

  • In the new P&L and Balance Sheet categories you can now add, edit and delete rules.
  • Choose what you want to be alerted on – transactions or account totals/balances from what account(s) and matching what alert criteria.
  • Aider then automates these checks for you and alerts you when there’s a problem.

2 Additional manual checkpoints:

  • This enables you to migrate your manual checklist items to Aider.
  • Specify what check or step needs to be done and provide instructions if needed.
  • Add these checkpoints to any category, or to the new ‘Additional Checks’ category.

3 Mark an alert or checkpoint as reviewed:

  • All checks now have a checkbox for you to mark the check as completed or passed.
  • This enables you to override the automated alerts indicated by the Xero data and make progress towards completing the whole checklist.
  • Get a clear sense of when a checklist is complete and ready for review or period closure/locking.

What benefits do these enhancements have for advisors?

Together these enhancements will help improve the efficiency of your regular due diligence checks & ensure your clients' data is coded correctly for compliance and performance reporting. 

  • No more digging around Xero reports looking for the needles in a haystack!
  • One place to track all of your due diligence checks.
  • Automation to reduce the effort to carry out these checks.

This is only the beginning…

Our team is working hard to help you simplify your data due diligence process.
Watch out for more Data Compliance enhancements to come!

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