How to leverage data compliance software tools to streamline the compliance process for your clients

We take a look at what advisory tools you can use to streamline compliance...

Data compliance can be a time-consuming & often stressful task – why not let automation help you do the hard work?

When it comes to helping small businesses manage compliance, this can often be a challenging task for accountants and bookkeepers. Ensuring that small businesses comply with data regulations can be time-consuming, and often even stressful. 

As an accountant or bookkeeper, you are responsible for analysing your clients' financial data – including ensuring that data is secure, accurate and up-to-date. Compliance requirements are constantly changing, which means that as an accountant or bookkeeper, you need to remain up-to-date with the latest changes to regulations and adjust your practices accordingly. 

You need to help your clients ahead of time, to ensure you avoid any negative implications cause by late compliance

Your clients’ have put their faith in your expertise to help them with their compliance – more than this, they’ve invested their earnings in your services. This is why it is of utmost importance that you stay on top of the latest data compliance regulations, and ensure you are proactive with your analysis and advice. 

Failure to comply with regulations on time (or at all) can result in penalties, reputational damage, and possibly even legal consequences for your clients. As the accountant responsible by legal contract, you could also be held liable for any resulting issues. That’s why you need to have the right data compliance tools and processes in place to manage your clients’ compliance as efficiently and securely as possible.

In this article, we take a look at what advisory software tools you can use to streamline the compliance process to help your clients avoid any legal implications. We also take a look at how these tools can help you save time, which you can then use to focus on scaling your practice…

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  1. All the tools you need
  2. Save time & offer value-added services

1. All the tools you need

Modern advisory software tools help you sort compliance effortlessly

  • Automate compliance tasks: Data compliance software solutions like Aider automate compliance analysis so that as the advisor, you can simply click in, customise your clients’ data checks, and let automation do the rest. The platform then pre-analyses the data for you, providing you with a clear view of your clients’ performance – with the bonus of proactive alerts. This helps to minimise your workload and maximise your practice’s efficiency. 
  • Stay on top of financial reporting obligations: When you have to organise data compliance manually, it can be very difficult to help all of your clients’ proactively. But with the help of simplified advisory software (like Aider), taking care of things like tax returns and other reporting obligations are made easy. Why? Because the platform automates the data and provides you with timely reminders; helping you avoid costly mistakes and penalties; while also improving your clients’ overall compliance posture.
  • Identify compliance issues quickly: With the help of software like Aider, advisors are able to see a clear and aggregated view of all of their clients’ data in one place. Using AI-powered analytics and real-time data pulled from Xero, Aider helps advisors identify compliance issues quickly. It offers a proactive assessment of how your clients are performing with data compliance – helping you address issues before they become a major problem. 
  • Provide clients with insights: To help you simplify the compliance process and make it more proactive, rather than reactive, advisory software solutions like Aider provide you with the tools to instantly send your clients insights. For example, Aider automatically generates graphs that are simplified for your clients to understand – and it also has an in-platform email feature so that you can send these to your clients’ at your convenience. This helps you easily communicate with your clients their financial position, supporting the compliance process.
  • Remain up-to-date with the latest compliance regulations: As an advisor, it is your responsibility to remain aware of financial news and changes to data compliance – this is something you should be doing regardless of how you run your practice. However, when using data compliance software, you can be assured that your software provider will update their system accordingly when any changes are made to compliance regulations. 

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2. Save time & offer value-added services 

Data compliance tools help you save time so you can upsell advisory services   

  • Strategic business advice: By using a powerful advisory software with built-in data compliance tools, you can save hours of time previously spent on manually assessing your clients’ compliance information. With this saved time you can offer your clients services that go beyond compliance and tax management – such as strategic business advice, for example. 
  • Simplified monthly reporting & automated financial forecasting: By leveraging data compliance tools, you can use the time you save to upsell your clients simple monthly reporting and automated cash flow information. For example, you can use Aider’s automated profitability insights, cash flow trends and cash flow estimate tool to complete cash flow projections quickly, which you can then share with your clients as a value-added service. 

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Simplify compliance & scale up your practice at the same time with the help of modern advisory software

By leveraging data compliance software, such as Aider's Advisory Platform, as an accountant or bookkeeper, you can simplify the compliance process for your clients. This not only saves time and reduces stress, but also helps you and your clients avoid penalties and reputational damage that can result from non-compliance. 

Modern advisory software solutions with powerful data security systems and AI-powered analysis tools also helps you provide more reliable financial data for advisory. Without the right tools in place, it might be unsafe to upsell advisory services to your clients because data would be less accurate, and more difficult to manage.

With the right data compliance tools, the compliance process can be straightforward and hassle-free – both for you and your clients. More than this, it can help you save invaluable time which you can dedicate to upselling services in order to scale your practice.

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Want to know more? Learn about Aider’s data compliance tools here.

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