Our friendly customer support team is online if you want to find out more about Aider.
Our friendly customer support team is online if you want to find out more about Aider.

Artificial intelligence that pre-analyses data, & scales your practice

Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform is built-for-purpose; for less admin and more proactive advisory.

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Viewing how your clients are performing on mobile and desktop devices in the Aider Advisory Platform

An aggregate view of your clients’ data

Aider’s intuitive overview screen presents all of your clients’ data in one place, streamlining your practice.

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Pre-anlaysed data, presented in a digestible format
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Managing by exception, saving you time
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Less administration, more proactive advisory
An animation showing an overview of clients' data in Aider
An animation showing an overview of cash flow forecasts in Aider

Insightful cash flow forecasts (& more)

Aider’s artificial intelligence pre-analyses your clients’ data and turns it into accurate, insightful forecasts.

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Plug & play cash flow forecasts
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Data health & profitability
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Tax & compliance (& more)

Proactive advice & clear client communication

Aider’s powerful artificial intelligence makes it easy to communicate with and send alerts to clients ahead of time.

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Alert clients instantly
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More proactive advisory
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Send clients understandable, visual reports
An animation showing an overview of client communication in Aider
An animation showing an overview of importing clients from Xero in Aider

Effortless set up & powerful Xero integration

Aider’s seamless integration with Xero syncs all of your data, meaning that you can be set up in a matter of minutes. 

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Seamless Xero integration
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Instant set up
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Real-time data syncing
An illustrated animation of two people happily communicating on their devices using Aider

Become your clients' trusted, proactive advisor

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Engage your clients with future-focused advice based on comprehensive data visibility
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Easily identify client data issues so you can focus on adding value ahead of time
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Reach out to your clients in real-time with access to custom alerts about their business performance
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Work proactively: send info, tips and action requests directly to your clients via the Aider platform

Powerful Aider + Xero Integration

Aider syncs seamlessly with world-renowned accounting software Xero. With the click of a button, Aider securely pulls your clients’ data from Xero, turning it into pre-analysed, digestible data.

Achieve more with your clients’ Xero data with access to Aider’s custom alerts, real-time insights and pre-analysed data reports. Aider is your trusted and verified Xero app partner.
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The connection between Aider and Xero
Aider Features

How Aider will help your practice grow

Become your clients' trusted, proactive advisor

Help your client’s make better business decisions with actionable patterns, trends and insights, in real-time.

Greater understanding & overview of data

See what’s driving your clients’ businesses with tailored financial and non-financial metrics, all in one place.

Scale your practice

Grow your accounting or bookkeeping practice by offering more services at scale with customisable automation.

Effortless, digestible insights & actions

Clearly see which clients need your help today with effortless, real-time data. Aider pre-analyses data for you, presenting it in easy-to-understand reports.

Plug & play cash flow forecasts

Using AI, Aider runs clever calculations on your clients’ financial data, and generates automatic cash flow forecasts. These forecasts are an early warning system for you, enabling more proactive client conversations.

Connect with your clients in real-time

Aider’s proactive advisory software solution provides you with the tools you need to communicate with clients instantaneously. With Aider you can grow your client pool.

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