Our friendly customer support team is online if you want to find out more about Aider.
Our friendly customer support team is online if you want to find out more about Aider.

Everything your practice needs to scale

We build the best software so advisors can easily communicate with their clients

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A world of automation.

We understand that busy admin work and inefficient communication with clients can slow down even the most productive accounting professional, making it hard to scale.

That’s why we built an intuitive platform to automate manual accounting and bookkeeping tasks that take time away from growing your practice.

What Aider solves

What are the biggest challenges


20% of small businesses fail in their first year. They don't have the guidance they need.


Communication is poor. Only 34% of small business owners talk to their accountants outside of tax time.


Less than 40% of small business owners consider their advisor to be insightful.

Become a trusted advisor

Engage your clients with future-focused advice based on whole of business visibility
Easily identify client data issues so you can focus on adding value
Reduces client admin efforts enabling time for advisory
Reach out to your clients at the right time with access to custom alerts about their business performance
Work proactively: send info, tips and action requests directly to your clients
With more accurate and real time data you can drive timely and engaging client conversations
Get what you need, when you need it with access to your clients' data in one place

Aider + Xero

Aider makes Xero even better. With the click of a button, Aider securely and seamlessly integrates with your Xero accounts. Achieve more with your clients' Xero data when you access custom alerts, insights, and trends in real-time. Aider is a verified Xero partner.


How Aider can help your practice grow

Be a trusted advisor

Help your clients make the best business decisions with actionable patterns, trends and insights

Greater understanding

See what’s driving your clients’ businesses with tailored financial and non-financial metrics

Scale your practice

Grow your practice by offering more services at scale with custom automations

Easy-to-understand insights & actions

Clearly see which clients need your help today with real-time data

Early access discount

We’re giving a handful of businesses early access so we can work together to build the best tool

Connect with your clients

Be part of the future of advisory by joining Aider's smarter accounting community

Apply for Early Access

Early access to Aider's Advisory Intelligence Portal

Join us as we develop useful tools that will help accountants and bookkeepers like you achieve greater success and provide small business client owners with the support they need to grow.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Aider Advisory Intelligence Portal?

The Aider Advisory Portal, or AIP for short, is a client management platform that helps you manage, message, and access all your small business clients via one Aider login.

Who will I be working with if I get stuck?

Our friendly customer success team is available if you need help. They know the ins and outs of all things Aider. We also have a number of resources to help you get the support you need. First, check out our knowledge library, and you can also contact us at success@aider.ai

How many client accounts and colleagues can each practice add?

There’s no limit to the number of clients you can add. You can also create logins for every accountant or bookkeeper in your practice. You have one main overview page per practice admin account.

How do I delete my Aider advisory practice account?

You can suspend your practice account by getting in touch with us at success@aider.ai. If you have an active subscription, you can cancel it under Manage Practice > Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription.

How do I delete a client’s business?

You can remove a client business account by getting in touch with us at success@aider.ai. We’re working fast to add the feature that lets you do this on your own.

How do I invite other accountants or bookkeepers to the practice?

To invite your colleagues to your practice account, head to Manage Practice > Advisors and enter their contact details.

I am the practice admin. What does that mean?

A practice admin is responsible for the AIP subscription information for the entire practice. This account can view all the connected client businesses, can invite other advisors to the practice account, connect client businesses and invite advisory clients to Aider.

Can a practice admin account be transferred to another user?

Currently, we do not have the functionality to transfer a practice admin account (but we will have it soon!) If the practice admin leaves the firm, please get in touch with us at success@aider.ai

What can a practice user do?

A practiced user can invite other advisors to the practice account, connect a client business and invite advisory clients to Aider. They are able to view select client businesses if they are given access by other practice users or the practice admin.

I am a practice user. How can I get permission to view a client's business?

You have access to all client businesses that you add yourself. If someone else in the practice added the client business, they will have to provide you with access. Once they give you access, you’ll be able to see the client business unless they remove permission.

How do I share my client businesses with other people in the practice?

Simply head to Manage Practice > Permissions and select the advisor whose permissions need to be updated. A list of client businesses will appear and permission to view them can be granted. Don’t forget to save the changes! *Note: all users within the practice, both practice admins and practice users can grant permission for other advisors to view the client business.

What can an advisory client do?

An Advisory Client, once invited by a practice admin or practice user, can create their own free Aider account and download the Aider client app. Within the app, they can ask questions about their business data and finances, receive reminders from your practice, and send and receive messages/notifications from you.

How does an accountant or bookkeeper invite a client to Aider?

After connecting a client business, you will be prompted to invite your client to Aider. If you would like to invite your client at a later date, you can always do so in the My Client’s section. Simply select the client business > Invite User button > enter contact details.

How does Aider work?

The Aider mobile app supports businesses of all shapes and sizes across every industry. In order to get the most out of Aider, clients need to be using Xero and other cloud-based apps to run their business. The Advisory Intelligence Portal is a great choice for small to second-tier sized accountancy and bookkeeping firms. Our smallest clients are sole proprietors, and some of our largest clients have hundreds of clients.

How long does it take for Aider to integrate my Xero data?

There are two steps to integrate Aider and Xero data. The first step takes a couple of minutes and immediately makes the last two month’s data available. The second step integrates the remaining historical data. Depending on the amount of data available and how long your client has been using Xero for their business, it can take a couple of hours. Aider will notify you when all data has been processed. From then on, all Xero data (other than Bills & Invoices) is updated roughly every four hours. Note: When questioning historical data, Aider has access to monthly views. Once Aider is connected to Xero, daily insights into the data will be available. Re: bill pay & Invoicing Aider can access information about outstanding, overdue, and upcoming bills & invoices. This data set is updated in real-time so if changes are made within Xero, the up-to-date data is available in Aider.

Can I schedule payments for a future time?

Unfortunately, not yet. We are working on building Aider’s ability to take action on behalf of your clients and your practice. We will email you when this is available.

Advisory Intelligence Portal pricing - How can a practice pay for Aider?

We accept payments via Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. Payments are processed via a secure payment gateway. Credit card details can be entered within Aider, during or after your free trial. You will be charged a monthly rate based on your number of client businesses. For example, if you have 99 clients and add 2 more during a billing cycle, you will be billed for 101 client businesses (and you save money per client business once you reach that next pricing tier). To view your current rate, head to Manage Practice > Subscriptions.

Is there a minimum term?

No. Aider is a monthly pay-as-you-go service with no contracts, no cancellation fee. If you decide to cancel, your subscription will not renew at the end of your monthly billing cycle.

Do you have annual contracts at a discount rate?

We do not have annual contracts available at this time. Can I change my plan? You can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time from within your account. If you upgrade your plan, you will immediately be able to add additional client businesses.

Do I pay for consolidated groups?

No! Consolidated groups are free of charge and there’s no limit on how many you can create. The underlying companies in the group count toward your company total, however, the group itself does not count as a company for billing purposes.

Can I cancel my Aider Advisory Intelligence Portal subscription?

Yes. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the monthly billing period. Simply head to Manage Account > Subscriptions > Cancel Subscription. You will continue to have access to your practice account until the end of the billing period. Please contact our support team if you have any questions at success@aider.ai


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