Proactive accounting & advisory: what is it & how do you achieve it?

In this article, we share how Aider helps advisors be proactive, instead of reactive

We take a look at how you and your clients can stop being reactive and start being proactive

The new, more intelligent advisor is here. Is it you? The next generation of accountants and bookkeepers take advisory services to a whole new level by providing proactive client support that helps small businesses succeed.

In order to be part of this new wave of advisory, accountants and bookkeepers need to be looking forward while also looking back. Proactive accounting and advisory means you know what's coming for your clients. It means implementing management by exception strategies and providing forecasts across tax, cash flow and business performance. 

We take a look at how you and your clients can stop being reactive and start being proactive.

Proactive accounting & advisory means advising your clients ahead of time, so that they feel safe behind the wheel

Small business owners know what it is like to have regrets. If only they'd known X, then they could have set money aside before Y financial disaster. The traditional financial professional-client relationship often relies too heavily on a rearview mirror approach. While there's something to be said about learning from your mistakes, it can be difficult for a small business owner to rebound after something has gone wrong in the past. What's more, when they're always looking backward, they view their accountants as always being the bearer of bad news. This can negatively impact relationships and make clients less likely to want to sign on for additional services.

If you or your clients are always looking in the rearview mirror, it's easy to run into a giant roadblock no one saw coming. Let's consider reconciliations for a moment. Late reconciliations can cost small businesses hundreds or thousands of dollars in tax office fees. The lack of regular or frequent reconciliations keeps your clients from knowing what's coming and can mean big trouble come GST time. 

Often, clients don't see how they're performing and can't plan ahead because they're only reacting to issues as they come up. 

Instead of driving forward, they are constantly trying to clean up after messes that should be behind them. They can start to feel like they're on a never-ending treadmill where they cannot get ahead because they always have to react.

Proactive accounting & advisory helps your clients drive smoothly, with the comfort of knowing what’s ahead.

With your help, your clients can see what's on the horizon while also knowing what's behind them. They can learn lessons without being crippled by fees and fines. This form of advisory is all about looking at the big picture of past, present, and future to guide clients to make favourable, informed business decisions. 

The proactive advisor identifies and acts on client opportunities or risks in a timely manner, improving client relationships by helping their clients look ahead and feel like they are in charge. 

Intelligent insights for proactive decision making

Proactive advisors use modern, automated tools to help them see what is happening in their clients' businesses. Proactive advisors are forward-thinking, adaptable to change and excited to embrace modern technologies. 

Financial advisor tools, like Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform, present an aggregate view of your entire practice. Aider’s platform integrates seamlessly with world-renowned Xero accounting software, and together, the two tools provide advisors with a proactive assessment of client data and performance all-in-one intuitive platform. It is a proactive accounting solution.

Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform delivers comparable access to real-time data, profitability, cash flow, and tax information. Aider optimises machine learning to provide accountants and bookkeepers with smarter insights, for the purpose of more proactive advisory. 

Built for proactive advisory: Aider is a purpose-built system of actionable insights that alerts you when your clients need help and with what

Within the Aider Platform, accountants and bookkeepers get instant insightful performance alerts about potential risks or significant changes across every area of their clients' businesses. If a client's invoicing, for example, drops below a certain level, you'll get an alert, so you know to reach out to that client.

Aider makes sending your clients forecasts across cash flow, GST, and income tax effortless. This allows you to provide your customers with higher value services by showing them what's coming so that they can take action to improve business results.

Become a proactive advisor and scale your practice with Aider

The future of advisory is proactive, adept, and optimises machine learning – are you ready to advance your approach? 

With proactive accounting solutions like Aider, you'll get an enhanced sense of your customers' timelines, and they'll trust you to give them the advice they need to take action now. The proactive advisor knows what is happening tomorrow, next month, and six months down the line by using tools that analyse client data.

Take the proactive accounting and advisory approach that makes it possible for your clients to make decisions based on what's happened and what's likely to occur in the future, based on real-time data and alerts. 

By implementing financial advisor tools like Aider’s intuitive Advisory Intelligence Platform into your practice, not only will you have access to plug-and-play forecasts and actionable insights that help you be a more proactive advisor, you will also benefit from:

Management by exception

The Aider Advisory Platform guides you directly to the clients that need your attention today. Efficient client sorting makes prioritising your workflow effortless, so that you can proactively reach out to your clients with the most pressing needs.  

Customisable content for fast communication

Aider generates content based on your clients' Xero integration data in SMB friendly language, so that you can keep your clients up to date with just a few clicks of a button.

A seamless & powerful Xero integration

Aider loves Xero just as much as you do. Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform seamlessly integrates with world-renowned Xero accounting software, automatically pulling and pre-analysing data, so that you can spend less time on admin and more time on advising. 

Ready to become a proactive advisor and reap the benefits of financial advisor tools? 

Aider is your proactive accounting solution. Start your 14 day free trial.

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