AI-powered Report Pack now more customisable than ever

Give better advice with AI’s assistance & perfect the content with the text edit option

What’s new? 

The Aider Report Pack is now more customisable than ever. You can now…

  • Harness the power of AI to draft and refine the report content.
  • Tweak the wording right in the preview before downloading and sharing the report.

What benefits does it have for advisors?

  • Easily and quickly create insightful and impactful reports
    Let AI do the heavy lifting for you. Aider AI Assistant can…
    • Quickly draft insightful Executive Summaries and Action Points.
    • Help you analyse and brainstorm specific performance implications and advice.
    • Rewrite existing content in client-friendly wording for crystal clear messaging.
  • Even more control when you need it
    Perfect and personalise the content just the way you want.
    Add your personal touch to build trust and relationship.

How does it work?

  1. Use the Aider AI Assistant to:
    • Draft editable Executive Summary and Action Points.
    • Rewrite these and the insights using a small-business-friendly tone of voice.
    • Tweak the focus or include additional considerations - e.g. specific performance implications and advice - using your custom prompts
  2. Use the edit option to:
    • Tweak the wording to your liking - right in the preview - before downloading and sharing the report.
    • Add specifics and personal touches to make the report even more relevant and relatable.

We’re not done improving…

Our team is still working hard to help you simplify and improve your advisory process.
Watch out for more advisory automation and scaling enhancements to come!

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