How Aider’s Advisory Platform connects with Xero to power up your accounting practice

In this article, we share how Aider's Advisory Platform integrates with Xero

Aider is the supercharged advisory software that syncs with world-renowned Xero accounting software, for more proactive advisory

When Xero first entered the fintech space back in 2006, there was a vast scarcity of software solutions for accountants and bookkeepers. Xero transformed the industry, paving the way for more streamlined, effortless accounting. 

Since then, Xero has demonstrated exponential growth, while many other tech startups have followed in their footsteps – developing intelligent, cloud-based solutions; including Aider.

Xero’s mission is to empower accountants and small business owners with powerful, effortless software; and Aider shares this same mission. 

Aider; to help or aid

Empowering accountants & bookkeepers: the story behind Aider

It was in 2018 that Brendan Roberts, CEO and Founder of Aider, entered the fintech space with a mission to achieve a similar goal to Xero. A goal that seeks to empower SMBs and their advisors, with the use of automated, intelligent technology.

Derived from the French word ‘aider’, which means to help or aid; the purpose behind Aider, as a company, is in its name. 

A two piece puzzle: Xero & Aider together

Just as Xero empowers accountants and SMBs with an intuitive, cloud-based accounting platform (leading in its field). Aider compliments this, with a supercharged platform built for advisors. 

Aider integrates seamlessly with Xero, complementing one another…sort of like those magical moments when your clients' reconciliations are done right the first time!

Xero helps accountants, bookkeepers and SMBs stay on top of their revenue and expenses, providing for seamless reconciliation and preparation of tax returns. 

Aider presents this data in a pre-analysed, digestible platform, with a concise overview screen of multiple clients’ data, automated visual graphs, and proactive advisory tools. 

Together, Xero and Aider provide more accurate financial data and more proactive advisory. 

As you know, Xero does this:

Xero is leading in the fintech market as an accounting software solution, as we’re sure you’re aware of. It is a cloud-based platform where accountants, bookkeepers and SMBs can manage their financial data. 

Xero helps you take care of all of your clients’ finances:

  • Accounts payable: Xero helps SMBs, accountants & bookkeepers schedule payments and stay on top of bills.
  • Expense management: in Xero you can monitor employee spending, claim expenses, and so on.
  • Accept payments online: Xero integrates with Stripe, GoCardless and other payment gateways, to securely process business payments. 
  • Reconcile transactions: in Xero you can reconcile bank transactions seamlessly, and in bulk, to keep your financials up to date. 

(Basically, all of the legal financial management things you have to do, you do them in Xero).


But what does Aider do? 

Aider is an Advisory Intelligence Platform that provides accountants and bookkeepers with a proactive assessment of their clients’ data, cash flow, profitability, and growth. Aider also has a digital assistant mobile app designed to aid SMBs. 

Aider pulls the data from Xero, analyses it, & provides you with the tools to take proactive action:

A concise view of your clients’ data

  • Quick profit & loss forecasts
  • View pre-analysed indicators & insights, saving time
  • Easily determine who you need to talk to today, and why

Ability to provide more proactive advice

  • Easily engage with clients’ via email or the Aider mobile app
  • Have more productive client conversations
  • Notify clients’ ahead of time with proactive advice

Artificial intelligence that saves you time

  • Less manual administration
  • Managing by exception, saving you time
  • Cash flow forecasting
  • An add-on mobile app for your clients

Working in synergy: Aider and Xero are two different fintech solutions that complement one another

Xero helps you manage financial data, Aider helps you analyse and act on it. 

When it comes to managing your clients’ finances, there are no two tools better than Xero and Aider together

Long gone are the days where you have to spend hours sifting through all of your clients’ data, discovering overdue taxes and issues that need to be rectified (reactive). 

With the power of Xero and Aider together, you can manage, analyse and advise effortlessly, ahead of time (proactive).

Xero takes care of the financial data management, and Aider takes care of data analysis and advisory. Together, the two platforms work in synergy, streamlining your processes and scaling your practice, so that you can focus on what matters most: providing sound, proactive financial advice. 

Two accounting platforms. Two unique purposes. One powerful accounting tech stack. 


If you’re an accountant or bookkeeper, Xero + Aider is the advisory tech stack you need. 

Get started with Aider today. The first 14 days are FREE. 

Already using Xero? Piece of cake! Syncing your Aider account takes just a few seconds.

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