How Accountants4U is saving hours of time every week by using Aider’s advisory software solution

Accountants4U Customer Case Study

From simplified compliance work to intuitive graphs & reporting tools – CEO of Accountants4U shares how Aider is helping his practice

Founded in 2018, New Zealand based accounting firm ‘Accountants4U’ was built with a customer-focused ethos. One where they take pride in being “a part of every success story” – as CEO and Founder, Marco Douglas, tells Aider.

“We strive to support our customers with honesty, integrity and an approach that always goes beyond basic accounting services. Our mission is to be a part of every success story.”

– Marco Douglas, Accountants4U

Small business accounting needs – what issues do your customers need support with the most?

When asked what Marco’s customers need help with the most, he shared with Aider that his customer base are typically small-to-medium sized businesses – many of which struggle with everything from paying taxes to needing support with profit growth. 

“Our customers are typically SMBs – they need growth but don’t always have the knowledge or means to make investment decisions. They also often struggle with tax liabilities and profit maximisation, and this is where we strive to help them improve.” 

Advisory software tools – how do you feel you could better support your clients with the use of technology like Aider?

We then asked Marco what pain points he faces on a daily basis when he is trying to support and manage his numerous clients with accounting services. He shared with us that it can be time-consuming to support all of his clients, especially if he has to scroll through various Xero pages or other platforms where the data isn’t in one place. 

Marco shared how Aider’s advisory software is helping him & his customers: 

“When I use Aider, everything is handy and saves me time as I don’t need to scroll through Xero or add any add-ons to sort through my clients’ data. Aider is a great tool as it helps me have all of my clients’ crucial data readily available, and it also helps me know cash flow estimates in advance; providing me with a good idea of any future costs my clients might have.”

Time spent on daily accounting tasks – what do you find you spend too much time doing? 

In addition to sharing that Marco saves time using Aider, due to its clear and aggregated view of all of his clients’ data in one place – he also shared how it helps him save valuable time traditionally spent on compliance. 

“I spend a lot of time on compliance work for my clients. I also spend a lot of time manually analysing data to see where I need to put my attention. Aider is helping my business save time on these tasks, because at a glance I can see how my clients are operating and have an idea of what tax liabilities they need to comply with. I can also see their cash flow position easily.”

Proactive accounting & advisory – is Aider helping you provide more proactive services for your clients?

Lastly, we asked Marco if he thinks Aider’s advisory software is a useful tool for helping him be a more proactive advisor, and he replied yes. We were over the moon to hear this feedback from Marco, since that is our mission here at Aider – to help accountants save time with automation, in order to offer more proactive advisory services. 

“Aider’s graphs are great as they allow me to edit through yearly data easily. Aider’s cash flow position reports and estimates are also very useful at helping me know where to put my attention ahead of time.”

Helping Accountants4U save time so they can focus on supporting their clients’ business growth

Here at Aider, it is our mission to support accountants with the use of intuitive advisory software tools. With the help of an aggregated financial dashboard, simplified data compliance tools and more, Aider is aimed to help accountants save time. With this saved time, accountants can go the extra mile for their clients and scale their advisory services. 

Marco has been using Aider for just shy of a year now, and we couldn’t be happier to hear how Aider is saving him valuable time on compliance work, taxes, and general reporting tasks. We can’t wait to see in the future as we continue to release new product features in Aider, how these added tools will continue to support Marco and his mission at Accountants4U.

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