How Appy Books adds value to their bookkeeping services with Aider’s triaged financial analysis dashboard

Appy Books Customer Case Study

It is a known fact that bookkeepers go the extra mile for their clients – as an extension of their business, they are across all things financial on a daily basis. But it is the value-added advice, support and creative ideas that make a huge difference to their small business clients.

Our customer Tracey Rubens, CEO of Appy Books, is a perfect example of this. 

Launching her own bookkeeping firm just over 9 years ago, Tracey took her wealth of expertise and knowledge and turned it into a valuable service (and profitable business). With a Bachelor’s Degree in Business, and hands-on experience working for large corporations as a bookkeeper and financial analyst – Tracey decided to start her own bookkeeping firm to help small businesses manage their finances as effectively as large corporations do. 

Over the years, Appy Books has moved with the times, embracing new ways of thinking, adjusting their services to suit each individual client, and have followed a tech-savvy approach, introducing the latest financial technologies in their firm. In 2022 they won “Bookkeeper of the Year” in the Australian Accounting Industry Awards – a well-deserved success for their firm. 

Just over 18 months ago, we were lucky enough to onboard Tracey as an Aider customer. 

Starting out with our “in the making” early access Advisory Platform, to using our now polished and developed Advisory Intelligence Platform for accountants and bookkeepers – Tracey has been on the Aider train since day 1, and it’s been an exciting ride! 

Let’s see how Tracey is using Aider to add value to her bookkeeping services…

On the Aider train since day 1: how Appy Books has seen Aider’s Advisory Platform develop from an idea to an invaluable bookkeeping tool

“I started using Aider about 18 months ago. At the time I was searching for an advisory bookkeeping tool – one where I could look at all of my clients’ data in one place, and have the ability to triage my bookkeeping tasks by urgency. Aider was exactly what I was looking for!” 

– Tracey Rubens, CEO of Appy Books

Something Appy Books and Aider have in common is the vision of more proactive bookkeeping and advisory services. We share the opinion that bookkeeping is so much more than just compliance and data entry. 

Bookkeeping is about helping small business clients follow their dreams. Because that’s where all small businesses start, right? A dream, an idea, and then eventually with the right business model and financial advice; a reality. 

“Appy Books is not an ordinary bookkeeping firm. Yes, we help our clients with compliance and all the usual bookkeeping tasks, but we also offer more value-added services. We offer our clients a new perspective and sift through the jargon – we provide financial mentoring, we offer creative ideas, we support them with managing their finances, and we work closely with their accountants to help them grow their businesses.”

Appy Books takes pride in offering their clients value-added services that go beyond the traditional bookkeeping tasks – and here at Aider, we share the same value in our product offering. 

We built the Aider Advisory Intelligence Platform to help accountants and bookkeepers go beyond traditional services and offer more proactive, forward-thinking solutions. 

“My favourite part of Aider is the financial KPI dashboard – all of my clients' data is triaged with a traffic light system so that I know which clients need my help and when.”

When we interviewed Tracey to hear her feedback on Aider, our hearts were warmed by her response: 

“Aider has changed a lot since I first started using it. There are many new features including cash flow forecasts, data compliance, etc. But my favourite part of Aider is the financial KPI dashboard – all of my clients' data is triaged with a traffic light system so that I know which clients need my help and when. I also love the email feature, as it provides me with the ability to communicate insights with my clients instantly.” 

Aider’s financial KPI dashboard was built exactly for this reason to help accountants and bookkeepers have an aggregate view of all of their clients data where they can quickly and easily triage which clients need assistance the most. 

As the owner of a bookkeeping firm, Tracey has a large number of clients to take care of. Without the support of advisory and bookkeeping tools like Aider and Xero, Tracey would have to spend hours of time every day sifting through client data, and manually triaging tasks. But with the support of Aider’s financial analysis dashboard, she is able to come to these conclusions simply with a glance. 

Proud to work with Appy Books and support their goal of offering value-added bookkeeping services 

Over the past 18 months we’ve been lucky enough to call Tracey our customer, and we couldn’t be happier to play a part in helping her achieve her business goals. Tracey has been on the Aider train since day 1 and we can’t wait to see how our platform continues to help her business in the future.

Thank you Tracey for using Aider, we value your support on our journey of developing the Aider Advisory Intelligence Platform!

Searching for a financial KPI dashboard to help you triage your clients? Try Aider’s Advisory Platform.

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