Our friendly customer support team is online if you want to find out more about Aider.
Our friendly customer support team is online if you want to find out more about Aider.

Give smarter advice with real-time data

Don’t just work for your customers. Elevate your relationships and become a true advisor.

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Aider’s Advisory Platform is your practice’s path to cost reductions and new revenue streams.

Get the effortless, powerful tool that helps you scale your practice and guide your small business clients towards success.

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Using smart tools is the most efficient way to scale your business and build stronger relationships with your clients. Our helpful eBook unpacks the challenges accountants and bookkeepers face today, at the same time as providing insights for the future of advisory.
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Access your clients' full data story - from finances, to operations and marketing.

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Programme reminders and proactive messages to keep your clients one step ahead.

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Spend less time on admin and more time advising on complex business issues.


Scale your business while providing a fully customized service to your clients.

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How it works

Aider gives your practice a centralized platform with all of your client information in one place. Plus your clients get their very own mobile business assistant that connects with the business apps that they already love (like Xero).

All your clients information in one place

It's easy to add all your clients to the Platform by seamlessly connecting Aider with your Xero account. Your Advisory Intelligence Platform gives you a big picture view of your practice, as well as a detailed view of each of your clients' finances.

Your clients can connect business apps they use every day to their digital assistant, providing them with instant access to their business data, and offering them hands-on control of their business.

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Proactive notifications, smarter reactions

Aider's Advisory Intelligence Platform alerts you of any patterns or anomalies detected in your clients' business data.

Use this information to provide your clients with the guidance they need to make smarter, data-driven business decisions.

Stay ahead of the game

Keep your clients one step ahead with the Advisory Intelligence Platform action centre.

Send one-off or regular client updates and requests, including cash flow checks, reconciliation checks, profit and loss analysis, forecasting of direct and overhead costs, and cash flow. Automate repeat reminders and save invaluable time.

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Save time by asking Aider about your clients' businesses

Forget the headache of researching questions about your clients' businesses from dozens of files and e-mails. Aider answers your questions without leaving the platform.

Make the next meetings with your clients' more productive by quickly accessing all of their business information ahead of time. Aider gives you the key to effortlessly unlock all of your clients' key financial and business information in a single interface.


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Aider Customer's Stories

More features to power-up your user tracking

Access to information from all business apps in one place

Make fast, data-powered decisions

Schedule intelligent, daily updates about their business

Saves time so they can focus on the important work

Get ahead with proactive analysis and actionable insights

Increase business knowledge

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