Meet Antlab: an all-inclusive consultancy service for small businesses

Antlab Customer Case Study

How our customer Antlab is paving the way for small businesses with modern technology, creativity & cryptocurrency 

Antlab is a New Zealand-based business consultancy and accounting practice who is transforming the way that small businesses manage their finances and achieve their goals.

How? From assisting business owners with managing cryptocurrency, to helping businesses realign with their unique branding with creative marketing – Antlab is the new and niche accounting consultancy practice offering a uniquely all-inclusive service for start-up businesses. 

In just over a year, Antlab’s practice has gone from getting set up with 20 customers, to scaling their practice to more than 150 customers. 

In this article, we’ll share with you Antlabs inspiring story and philosophy. We’ll also share how Aider fits in with Antlab’s mission…

The “philosophy of the ant” – Antlabs story

“We named our business Antlab because of “the philosophy of the ant” – the theory that ants are always working towards a destination, and no matter what gets in their way they keep going and create a new path to overcome any obstacles.”

– Tania Ehrensperger, CEO & Co-Founder 

The mission: to help small businesses turn their dreams into reality

When Tania Eshrensperger and Jordy Norton set out to establish Antlab, they had one mission in mind: offer an all-inclusive service that assists small businesses with everything from accounting, to business consultancy, to cryptocurrency, branding and technology.

More than this, they set out to help small businesses follow their dreams and help them bring their businesses back to their initial vision and goal.

“We created Antlab to help small businesses with not only managing their finances, but to help them realign with their purpose. As accountants, we found that so many small businesses we work with are just ticking away. We make it our mission to help them realign on their initial purpose and vision of their business, make their goals feel attainable and support them in continuing to reach milestones.” 

And so they named their business ‘Antlab’ – because just like ants, Tania and Jordy were on a mission to help small businesses, and nothing on their path was going to stop them.

The unique selling point

Antlab has a modern philosophy and offers an all-inclusive experience, unlike any other accounting practice. With the rising interest in online currencies like cryptocurrency, the team at Antlab offer their clients support to manage their cryptocurrency, just as they would with their regular finances.

Their all-inclusive service offering is divided into 3 unique categories:

  1. Antlab Hub: accounting, bookkeeping & consultancy
  2. Antlab Meta: financial guidance with online currencies
  3. Antlab Creative: business marketing & online presence

“One of our missions here at Antlab is to help small businesses understand that cryptocurrency is a legitimate currency. We want to help small businesses feel confident using cryptocurrency, and make this a normality for their businesses. So we’ve made this an integral element in our service offering.”

The Antlab purpose: “building better businesses” 

Antlab's purpose is to support small businesses with accounting in a transparent and supportive way. They make themselves easily reachable to their clients, and they meet with them on their customers' terms – whether that be a phone call or chat over a beer at the pub.

At Antlab, they provide a unique and personalised accounting solution for small businesses, with the aim to “build better businesses”.

Before founding Antlab, Tania and Jordy had worked as accountants for years, so they knew firsthand just how stressful it can be for small businesses to manage their finances and connect with their advisors easily. 

We asked Antlab what key small business pain points they’re trying to solve:

“Before founding Antlab, we found that one of the biggest pain points for small businesses, when looking for accounting and advisory support, was simply not being able to get in touch with someone. Small business owners couldn’t just pick up the phone and ask for some quick advice – they wouldn’t be able to get in touch with someone, and if they did they’d get a bill for it.”

The Antlab team valued communication and personalisation, so they made it their mission to bridge this communication gap and offer an all-inclusive accounting service where customers could pick up the phone at any time (without being billed).

“We encourage our customers to call any time. We ask them what suits them – whether they want to meet at the office, join us for a coffee, or sit at the pub and have a chat over a beer.”

How Antlab sees Aider as being a valuable tool in their service offering

With Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform & Mobile App for small businesses, Antlab anticipates Aider to be an invaluable tool for their business

As a modern, forward-thinking business, Antlab prides themselves on automation – they use the best tools possible, and they want to make things as efficient and streamlined as possible (both for their staff and customers). 

Antlab has been in touch with Aider since we released our first version of our Advisory Intelligence Platform – and more recently has got set up on the platform. The team at Antlab love that Aider shares their same “philosophy of the ant” viewpoint; in that, we too have a mission to streamline advisory for accountants, bookkeepers and their small business clients. And, we too, will continue to develop our product and pave new paths to achieve this mission. 

“We only started using Aider recently, but so far we love the visibility of Aider’s platform, and we are looking forward to using it more in the future. We love how we can see every single one of our clients’ data in one place, and sort them by turnover.”


Building better businesses with automation and humanisation

Both Aider and Antlab share the same value and vision of offering a service that assists our customers with the use of both automation and humanisation.

We both see automation as an integral part of a business, as it streamlines processes and makes things more efficient. It allows us to offer a more personalised experience to our customers, as we are able to spend less time on admin, and more time connecting with our clients.

So we couldn’t be happier to share this value with our customer Antlab, and also play a part in their mission to provide a more personalised accounting service with customer communication at the heart of their business. 

With Aider’s Advisory Intelligence Platform and digital assistant Mobile App, we hope that Aider acts as an invaluable tool for Antlab to manage their clients’ finances and connect and communicate with them more effortlessly. 

Looking for a better balance of automation and humanisation in your practice? Try Aider for free.

Want to learn more about Antlab? Check out their Instagram profile.

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